Southeast Missouri State University

Students studying Accountancy at Southeast are allowed to some freedom in the focus of the Accounting coursework. When selecting among electives, it is important the student consider CPA exam content. Table 1 shows the four sections of the CPA exam and identifies the SEMO coursework that would help the student to pass the exam given the focus of that section of the exam.

Table 1. CPA Exam Sections and Preparatory Southeast Coursework
CPA Exam Section Southeast Required AC Coursework to Prepare Southeast Elective AC Coursework to Prepare


AC 221(Principles of Acc. I),
AC 321 (Financial Acct. and Reporting I),
AC 332 (Financial Acct. and Reporting II)

AC 534 (Financial Acct.. and Reporting III)
AC 540 (International Acct.)
AC 548 (Not for Profit Acct.)
AC 647 (Emerging Issues in Acct.)

Auditing and Attestation

AC 437 (Auditing and Assurance Services)

AC 537 (Advanced Auditing and Assur. Svc.)
AC 650 (Fraud and Forensic Acct.)

Legal and Regulatory

AC 435 (Tax of Individuals)
BL 255 (Legal Environment)

AC 545 (Tax of Business.)
BL 455 (Contracts)
AC 563 (Regulation and Professional Ethics)

Business Environment and Concepts

AC 222 (Principles of Acc. II)
AC 330 (Acc Info. Systems)
AC 331 (Cost Acc.)

AC 631 (Advanced Cost Analysis.)