Requirements Beginning Fall 2013

For requirements in years prior to Fall 2013, please consult your undergraduate bulletin. For degree requirements for the accounting track of the MBA, please visit the MBA website.

Required Courses (30 Hours)

(A minimum grade of 'C' is required in each core course.)

  • AC221 Principles of Financial Accounting (3)
    Prerequisite: MA134; sophomore standing
  • AC222 Principles of Managerial Accounting (3)
    Prerequisite: AC221
  • BA490 Business Policy & Strategy (3)
    Prerequisite: All business core, except Intl bus core; senior standing
  • BL255 Legal Environment of Business (3)
    Prerequisite: Sophomore standing
  • FI361 Financial Management (3)
    Prerequisite: AC222 and EC225; junior standing
  • MG301 Principles of Management (3)
    Prerequisite: Junior standing
  • MK301 Principles of Marketing (3)
    Prerequisite: Junior standing
  • MI375 Management Information Systems (3)
    Pre/corequisite: of MG301; AD101; junior standing Principles of Management 3 Junior Standing
  • QM352 Management Science (3)
    Prerequisite: QM258; junior standing

Elective Courses (3 Hours)

  • AC540 International Perspectives of Accounting (3) OR Approved Study Abroad course or permission of Department Chair
    Prerequisite: AC222; senior standing

Support Courses (30 Hours)

(Grade of 'C' or better is required in each course)

  • AD101 Introduction to Microcomputer Applications (3)
    Prerequisite: None.
  • BA452 Professionalism
    Prerequisite: 75 hours, Co-reqs of CL003, 004
  • EC215 Principles of Microeconomics* (3)
    Prerequisite: AD101 or IE102 and MA134
  • EC225 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
    Prerequisite: EC215 or AG245 and MA134
  • EN140 Rhetoric & Critical Thinking* (3)
    Prerequisite: EN100 or placement
  • MA134 College Algebra* (3)
    Prerequisite: MA095 Or MA102
  • MG252 Business Communication (3)
    Prerequisite: EN140 minimum grade of 'C'
  • QM257 Business Statistics I (3)
    Prerequisite: MA134 minimum grade of 'C'; AD101
  • QM258 Business Statistics II (3)
    Prerequisite: QM257
  • SC105 Fundamentals of Oral Communication* (3)
    Prerequisite: None
  • UI400 Business & Ethics* (3)
    Prerequisite: Senior standing; completion of Univ. Studies core curr.

Accounting Major

Required Courses (12 hours)

  • AC321 Financial Accounting & Reporting I (3)
    Prerequisite: AC221 minimum grade of 'C' or consent of chair
  • AC330 Accounting Analytics
    Prerequisite: AC321 and MI375, minimum grade of 'C'
  • AC332 Financial Accounting & Reporting II (3)
    Prerequisite: AC321 minimum grade of 'C'
  • AC435 Taxation of Individuals (3)
    Prerequisite: AC321 minimum grade of 'C' or consent of instructor
  • AC437 Auditing & Assurance Services (3)
    Prerequisite: AC321 minimum grade of 'C'

Elective Courses (15 Hours)

  • AC331 Cost/Accounting & Analysis (3)
    Prerequisite: AC222 minimum grade of 'C'
  • AC534 Financial Accounting & Reporting III (3)
    Prerequisite: AC332 minimum grade of 'C'
  • AC537 Advanced Auditing & Assurance Services (3)
    Prerequisite: AC437 minimum grade of 'C' or consent of instructor
  • AC545 Taxation of Business Entities (3)
    Prerequisite: AC435 minimum grade of 'C'
  • AC548 Governmental & Not-For-Profit Accounting (3)
    Prerequisite: AC222 minimum grade of 'C'; senior standing
  • AC550 Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting
    Prerequisite: AC222 minimum grade of 'C'
  • AC573 Internship in Accounting (3)
    Prerequisite: AC321 minimum grade of 'C', 2.75 GPA, Junior standing
  • BL563 Legal & Ethical Issues in Accounting (3)
    Prerequisite: BL255 minimum grade of "c" or consent of instructor

*Courses also fulfill University Studies requirements.
**Satisfies University Studies senior seminar requirement.
***Refer to degree audit report for possible courses.


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