Completing a Travel Authorization Form

  • Departments must assign a unique Trip# (consisting of 2 letters and 3 numbers - XX###)
  • Amount allowed is based on Total Expenses to be Paid Directly by Individual
    • Employees may request up to 75% of the anticipated out-of-pocket expenses 
    • Students and Groups may request up to 100% 
    • Prepaid Expenses may be request up to 100% with a paid receipt
      *$50.00 anticipated expenses is the minimum amount that can be  submitted for an advance  (75% of $50 = $ 37.50)*
  • Make sure that the index number(s) to be charged is on the form.
  • Signatures:
    • Must have Individual's and Supervisor's signatures.
    • If the Financial Manageris someone other than the supervisor, the Financial Manager must also sign.
    • Out of country travel requires VP/Provost level signatures.
    • Grant budgets require Grant Accountant signature.
  • You can request more than one cash advance for the same trip. 
    Example:  You have paid for your airline ticket in advance to get the best rate.  You can request two separate checks.
    • A check now for 100% reimbursement to cover the cost of the ticket you have already paid.
    • A check approximately 3 days before you departure date for 75% of other anticipated expenses.
  • Please submit your cash advance no later than 10 days prior to travel, send form to Sheri Ponder, Accounts Payable, Mail Stop 3250.
  • Cash Advances for University Employees are processed via direct deposit.  
    • A Cash Advance for any other individual (e.g. students) are processed in the form of a check, available for pick-up only at the Cashier's Office.

Unused Cash Advance Funds

  • Checks should be written to: Southeast Missouri State University
  • Complete a Cashier Transmittal Form and return the unused funds to the Cashier's Office.
    • Use FOAPAL information from the Cash Advance
    • Use the TE # as the description
  • Include the Cashier Receipt with the Expense Report. 

Cashier Transmittal Form

For more detailed information about Travel Authorizations and cash advances, refer to the Policy and Procedure Manual OP 07-02, page 1.


Academic Hall
Accounts Payable
One University Plaza, MS 3250
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