Expense Reports

Expense Reports should be completed no later than 30 days after the end of the month in which you traveled.

  • Make sure your Southeast ID is correct and your address is current.
    • Expense Report Checks are mailed to the address on the Expense Report unless the individual has an active Direct Deposit status.
  • Always include original paid receipts.
  • If associated with a Cash Advance, enter the TE number and amount in the appropriate boxes.
  • Purpose of trip:
    • When trip was taken.
    • Why or What for.
    • Where you travel to.
  • Transportation:
    • Rental Car - We currently have a contract with Enterprise Rental Car (1-800-736-8222), contact the Purchasing Department for more information.
  • Lodging:
    • You must turn in the original itemized, paidreceipt, and include the applicable occupancy rate.
  • Meals:
    • Per Diem Rate includes tips
    • Claiming a meal over per diem requires the original receipt and Exception approval. (see policy: IV.D.2.b)
    • Business meals require original, itemized, paid receipts and must be substantiated by: time and place, business purpose, person(s) name and business relationship.
    • Maximum 18% tip allowed to claim on any actual meal cost. 
  • Miscellaneous Expenses:
    • Enter an explanation for each expense.
    • Receipts are required for all travel related expenses in excess of $20.00.
  • Non-Travel Expenses:
    • Must be related to the trip to be included on the Expense Report
    • Requires the original, itemized, paid receipt with no exception to dollar amount.
    • Must follow the University's Policy and Procedures -Direct Pay Guidelines.
  • FOAPAL Budget #:
    • Always enter the Index # to be charged.
    • If expenses are to be charged to multiple accounts, enter the amounts to be charged to each index #.
  • Signatures:
    • Must have Individual's and Supervisor's signatures.
    • If the Financial Manager is someone other than the Supervisor, the Financial Manager must also sign.
    • Out of country travel requires VP level signatures.
  • Unused Cash Advance Funds:
    • Checks should be written to: Southeast Missouri State University
    • Complete a Cashier Transmittal Form and return the unused funds to the Cashier's Office.
      • Use FOAPAL information from the Cash Advance
      • Use the TE # as the description
    • Include the Cashier Receipt with the Expense Report.

For more detailed information about Expense Reports refer to the Policy and Procedure Manual OP 07-02, page 3.


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