types of payments

Chrome River

Chrome River is a Travel and Expense Management System for University Employees to electronically report Business Expenses for reimbursement and to reconcile transactions made with a University Purchasing Card. 

This is currently being implemented campus‐wide in segments. University Departments will be contacted by Accounts Payable when it is time for them to be converted to this new reporting system. Please be patient while we continue to implement this new system and revise procedures to all University Employees.

Purchasing Card Program

The Purchasing Card Program is to provide faculty and staff with a convenient, cost‐effective method of purchasing and paying for low dollar‐value goods and services and travel expenses. The Program is designed to replace small dollar‐value purchases, direct pays, and prepayments, as well as to reduce the use of petty cash and employee reimbursements for small dollar purchases.

This is currently being implemented campus‐wide in segments. University Departments will be contacted by Accounts Payable when they are able to submit applications for cards. Please be patient while we continue to implement this new option and revise procedures to all University Employees.

Direct Pay

Direct Pay is a procedure for processing the Universities Expenditures that do not require a purchase order to be done. Please see the Direct Pay Guidelines for the procedures to determine weather a payment can be made Direct Pay.

Direct Pay stamps are available by contacting Accounts Payable.

Example of Stamp


1 FY ___________ 2 CHART _____________

3 INDEX _______________________________

4 FUND _______________________________

5 ORG ________________________________

6 ACCT _______________________________

7 VENDOR# ___________________________

8 DESC _______________________________

9 AMOUNT _____________________________

10 SIGN ________________________________

11 DATE __________ 12 PHONE ___________


Explanation of items to be filled in by users

  • Fiscal Year Budget that charge should be paid from.
  • Bank chart for payment. U - University or F - Foundation
    • Note: F - Foundation documentation must be sent to the Foundation Office, not Accounts Payable.
  • Quick Code for the Fund/Org to be charged
    • Note: If Index is entered, you do not need to fill in the FUND and ORG fields.
  • Fund # to be charged
  • Organization # to be charged.
  • Account # to be charged.
  • Banner ID for this vendor. Find this on FTIIDEN (Native Banner) If you do not find your vendor listed on this table, please leave field blank. Accounts Payable will find or add the vendor to the Banner System.
  • Enter the Q# or a brief description of this purchase.
  • Dollar amount to be paid.
  • Approval signature of the Financial Manager.
  • Date of approval.
  • Phone number to call if there are any questions about this purchase.
  • Circle the appropriate response. If yes, attach appropriate documentation.

Payment Voucher

A voucher is to be used when an invoice, receipt, or other form does not contain all the vendor information needed to process the payment. The department should complete the required information on the Payment Voucher and attach the original supporting documentation.

 Examples include non‐employee honorariums/stipends and replenishment of petty cash funds.

Payment Voucher Form Download

Explanation of items to be filled in by users

  • Date of Voucher
  • Banner ID of Individual or Company
  • Social Security # / Federal ID # of individual or company
  • Full name and address of individual / vendor to be paid.
  • Check routing instructions: Mail or Pick-up with Contact and Phone Extention.
  • Detailed description of transaction.
  • Amount of payment.
  • FOAPAL number(s) to be charged.
  • Approval signature(s) required for transactions against this budget.

Purchase Order


To get a purchase order, a purchase requisition must be entered in the Banner system. For assistance entering a requisition please contact the Purchasing Department.

Receiver Document

A Receiver Document is a transaction that is entered to mark an order as 'received' so that the invoice may be paid. For assistance entering a receiver document please contact the Purchasing Department.


Invoices to be paid against a Purchase Order should be forwarded to the Accounts Payable Office with the Purchase Order number referenced somewhere on the invoice.

Close/Cancel a Purchase Order

If there are items or a full purchase order that needs to be closed or cancelled. Please fill out a Close/Cancel Form and send it to Accounts Payable.

For more information on Purchase Orders, please contact the Purchasing Dept. at x2202.


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