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Alternate PIN

A list of student advisees, and their assigned PIN numbers for course enrollment, is provided to the administrative assistant for each academic department prior to enrollment periods by the Registrars Office. Should a faculty member not have a list present and need to identify a student's assigned PIN, the number may be found within the faculty portal (MySouthe@st).

Faculty tab, My Southeast Self-Service, Access your Self-Service page, Faculty, Student Information Menu, Advisee Listing, Select Term.

Please note, PIN numbers should be provided to students following a meeting, where the student and faculty advisor reviewed the student's progress toward degree completion and discussed appropriate next semester courses. Providing a PIN without a review/discussion may have a negative impact on a student's academic progress and career at Southeast.

Developmental Courses - English/Math

Students are typically enrolled in initial developmental English and/or Math courses based on their ACT and/or University Placement test scores. To ensure a student is enrolled in the appropriate section(s), a faculty advisor will want to utilize the following process.

First, view the student's degree audit within DegreeWorks. The developmental courses the student is currently enrolled in will be displayed in the Developmental Courses box. Second, cross check a student's test scores with the appropriate courses assigned to certain scores. A conversion chart is provided below. A student's test scores may be accessed within the faculty portal (MySouthe@st) by the following means:

Faculty SS tab, Advisor Dashboard, Enter the appropriate term & student information, Click "Advise", Select the appropriate icon (to the right of the Student's name).

Please note, ensuring a student is enrolled in appropriate developmental courses is vital to their academic progress and career at Southeast.

Developmental Course Chart

Enrollment Instructions - Students

At Southeast, students enroll in courses for the following semester through the portal (MySouthe@st). Click the button below to access an informational sheet which provides step-by-step instructions for students on how to enroll in courses following their meeting with their academic or faculty advisor.

Student Course Enrollment Instructions

Faculty Portal (MySouthe@st)

The MySouthe@st portal provides a unique way to join the Southeast community, stay informed of campus activities and events, as well as access Self-Service resources related to Human Resources, Finance, Personal Information, etc. Among other things, students can register for courses, check e-mail, access class Web sites, maintain a personal calendar and participate in portal groups. The faculty can access courses, enrollments, grade submission and ways to correspond with students. The Staff Tab provides the opportunity to access forms, register for professional development and wellness activities as well as a link to the employee handbook. For more information and to access the login page, click the button below.


Priority Enrollment Dates - Students

Priority Enrollment Dates for students to register for courses are set by the Registrars Office and are determined by: the total number of completed hours by a student AND their last name. For more information on enrollment dates click the button below.

Enrollment Dates

Student Appointment Sign-Up Sheet - Sample

For faculty advisors who chose to have their students schedule their advising meetings via a sign-up sheet, a sample sheet is provided below.

Sample Sign-Up Sheet

Undergraduate Bulletin

The Southeast Undergraduate Bulletin is the official undergraduate academic catalog for Southeast. Annual versions are printed each year and are available on-line. All academic information related to the undergraduate experience at Southeast may be found within this catalog. To access the current Bulletin, click the button below.

Please note, faculty advisors will need to be knowledgeable on the University suspension/probation policies, found in the University Bulletin, to appropriately advise students on course enrollment.

Undergraduate Bulletin

Areas of Study

There are more than 200 areas of study at Southeast. From accreditations to career opportunities and from internships to involvement and student organizations - students will learn quickly why Southeast is a great choice! For more information, click the button below.

Areas of Study

Declaring/Changing a Major or Minor

A student wishing to declare or change a major or minor status will need to go to the office of the academic department who offers the major/minor and complete the appropriate paperwork. Please note, changing a major status may result in a new academic advisor being assigned. For access to more information on academic departments, click the button below.

Academic Departments


DegreeWorks is a web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion. DegreeWorks looks at the degree requirements of the Southeast Missouri State University Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins and the coursework completed to produce an easy-to-read audit. In addition, students can also find grades, advisor information, current holds, etc. For more information, click the button below.


General Graduation Requirements

Before graduating from Southeast, students are required to complete three general graduation requirements: the Career Linkage (CL 001-004) proficiency series, the Measure of Academic Proficiency and Progress Exam (MAPP 2), and the Writing Proficiency Exam (WP 003). As an advisor, it is important to be informed on these requirements and when they are completed during a student's academic career at Southeast. For more information, click the button below.

GPA Calculators

The GPA Predictor allows students to enter upcoming courses and the grades they plan to achieve. The results will show what a student's cumulative GPA would be, if the student achieves the grades they entered into the calculator. Please note, due to the working with cumulative GPA, a student will need information from their transcript to use this tool. Students may view/print unofficial copies of their transcripts through the portal (MySouthe@st). Students are provided with instructions on accessing their unofficial transcripts on the Students page of this website, under the Advising Process tab.

The Semester GPA Calculator works a lot like the GPA Predictor but does not require the student to know information from their transcript and only provides what a student's semester GPA would be, if they achieved the grades they entered. Students may use this tool to aid them in knowing what it will take to retain a scholarship, come off of or prevent academic probation, etc.

Foreign Language (Retroactive Credit)

Retroactive Credit is credit issued by the Department for previous language study based on a student's performance in the Department's courses. Retroactive Credit is available to any eligible student who enrolls for the first time in a course in a foreign language at Southeast Missouri State University. Eligibility is subject to the outlined policy. For more information, click the button below.

Retroactive Credit Policy

Career Services

Academic Hall 057

Center for Writing Excellence

Memorial Hall 103

Counseling & Disability Services

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Academic Hall 057

Student Financial Services

Academic Hall 019

Testing Services

Kent Library 108

Textbook Rental

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Tutoring Services

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Moodle Workshops

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Individual Consultation & Class Presentations

Faculty who have questions or concerns are more than welcome to contact the assigned Professional Staff Advisor(s), for their college, for individual consultation. Contact information may be found on the "Meet the Staff" page for the appropriate advising center (Academic Advising). In addition, faculty may request to have an advisor come to their class and speak. The request form may be accessed by clicking the button below.

Presentation Request Form