Will I need a textbook and how will I get the book?

Most Web courses will require a textbook. Southeast undergraduate students may rent their primary textbooks. We will have your textbooks shipped to you. You can visit the Textbook Rental's website here.

How do I pay for my course(s)?

Fees include Incidental and Web Course Fees, and if applicable, textbook rental, tax and shipping. Payment may be paid by (1) mailing payment to Student Financial Services, One University Plaza, Cape Girardeau, MO  63701; (2) having a family member phone-in a credit card payment at 573-651-2253 (press 3 to speak to Customer Service); or (3) paying online, using your checking account, by Automated Clearinghouse (ACH).

What is My Southeast?

My Southeast (at www.semo.edu/mySoutheast/) provides you with online access to your Southeast student record, including your class schedule and account information. This is also where you will go to see your grade in the course once the semester ends.

What is a Southeast Key?

Once you are registered for a course, you may activate your Southeast Key through My Southeast. Enter your student ID and password. (Initially, your password is your birth month and day, e.g. your birthday is April 6, your password is 0406.) Once your Southeast Key is activated, you will use this to access your Web course.  IMPORTANT: Your Southeast Key is your Southeast e-mail address and this will be used by your instructors to communicate with you throughout the semester.

How do I know if a Web class is right for me?

We offer a self-assessment questionnaire online at http://online.semo.edu/. Select the “Is Online Right for Me?” on the left side. It will help you figure out if you will be successful in an online classroom.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Contact Sherry Holder in the Office of Certification at sholder@semo.edu, or phone (573) 651-2556.

What are the required course areas from DESE and the Southeast course equivalencies?

Regular Education
  • Psychology of the Exceptional Child:  
    •  EX390 Psychology & Education of the Exceptional Child
  • Behavioral Management Techniques: 
    • SE306 Theories of Learning and Management
  • Measurement and Evaluation:
    • SE308 Fundamentals of High School Education
    • SE301 Fundamentals of Middle School Education
  • Teaching Methods/Instructional Strategies:
    • SE311 Techniques of Teaching Math
    • SE312 Techniques of Teaching Vocational  Home Economics
    • SE314 Techniques of Teaching Business
    • SE315 Techniques of Teaching Art
    • SE316 Techniques of Teaching Technology Education
    • SE318 Techniques of Teaching Secondary Social Studies
    • SE319 Techniques of Teaching English
    • SE320 Techniques of Teaching Science
    • SE321 Techniques of Teaching Physical Education
    • SE322 Techniques of Teaching Foreign Languages
    • SE323 Techniques of Teaching Speech
    • SE330 Techniques of Teaching
  • Methods of Teaching Reading at the Appropriate Level: 
    • SE307 Content Literacy Methods
  • Development Psychology at the Appropriate Level:
    • PY222 Development of the Adolescent
Special Education (Cross-Categorical K-12)
  • Psychology of the Exceptional Child:  
    • EX390 Psychology & Education of the Exceptional Child
  • Behavioral Management Techniques: 
    • EX304 Behavior Management
  • Evaluation of Abilities and Achievement: 
    • EX317 Assessment and Techniques of Teaching the Exceptional Child
  • Introduction to Cross-Categorical Disabilities:  
    • EX318 Introduction to Mild/Moderate Cross-Categorical
  • Methods of Teaching Students with Cross-Categorical Disabilities: 
    • EX373 Techniques of Teaching the Mild/Moderate Cross-Categorical
  • Methods of Teaching Reading: 
    • (i) Reading Methods: 
      • EL316 Foundations of Reading Tech
    • (ii) Analysis & Correction of Reading Disabilities: 
      • EL354 Corrective Reading Instruction - Prerequisite EL316
  • Methods of Teaching Mathematics:
    • (i) Mathematics Methods:
      • EL353 Tech. of Teaching Mathematics
    • (ii) Methods of Teaching Remedial Mathematics:
      • EX312 Diagnosis & Remediation of Learning Difficulties in Mathematics
  • Counseling Techniques:
    • EX507 Family and the Exceptional Child

We have tried to answer many of the questions that students and prospective school employers have typically asked over the last several years.

How do I contact the Alternative Certification office?

Telephone number: (573) 651-2556

Email: sholder@semo.edu

What types of teaching certificates covered by the program?

Temporary Authorization Certificate (TAC) is a valid one year certificate in Missouri. The TAC is DESE's Program and to apply for certification an Application for Temporary Certificate must be submitted online on DESE's website. It can be renewed on a yearly basis if the applicant completes 9 credit hours from their study plan. The study plan for regular education teachers can not exceed 24 credit hours and no more then 29 credit hours for special education.

When can I enroll in courses?

Enrolling for Fall semester - usually done in first week of the preceding April
Enrolling for Spring semester - usually done in first week of the preceding November
Enrolling for Summer semester - usually done in first week of preceding February

How do I enroll in classes?

Send an email to sholder@semo.edu requesting to be registered in the courses you choose. Please list the course numbers in the email.

Can I get certified by just taking the Missouri Content Exam test?

No, this is not the case for individuals who have alternative certification. If you already have a valid Missouri teaching certificate, you then can take the Missouri Content Exam test in another area for certification.

Where can I find out information about the Missouri Content Exam test?

Southeast’s testing center is an excellent place to start. There web site can be found at http://ustudies.semo.edu/testing/. Specific information about the Missouri Content Exams can be found at http://dese.mo.gov/educator-quality/missouri-content-area-exams.


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