Special Education:Cross-Categorical (K-12)

After the summer 2015 semester, Southeast will no longer be offering online courses to complete DESE’s TAC special education program. Please contact DESE at 573-751-0051 for more information as they are still offering their program, and they will be able to provide a list of universities that offer the courses to fulfill their program.

  • Psychology of the Exceptional Child
    • EX390 - Psychology & Education of the Exceptional Child (3)
  • Behavioral Management Techniques
    • EX304 - Behavior Management (3)
  • Evaluation of Abilities and Achievement
    • EX317 Assessment and Techniques of Teaching the Exceptional Child (3)
  • Introduction to Cross-Categorical Disabilities
    • EX318/EX273: Introduction to Mild/Moderate Cross-Categorical (3)
  • Methods of Teaching Students with Cross-Categorical Disabilities
    • EX373: Techniques of Teaching the Mild/Moderate Cross-Categorical (3)
  • Methods of Teaching Reading
    • (i) Reading Methods; and  EL316/EL262 Foundations of Reading Tech (3)
    • (ii) Analysis & Correction of Reading Disabilities;  EL354: Corrective Reading Instruction (3) - Prerequisite EL316
  • Methods of Teaching Mathematics
    • (i) Mathematics Methods; and
      EL353 Tech. of Teaching Mathematics (2)
    • (ii) Methods of Teaching Remedial Mathematics; and 
      EX312/EL308 Diagnosis & Remediation of Learning Difficulties in Mathematics (3)
  • Counseling Techniques. EX507: Family and the Exceptional Child (3)
  • Specific information can be found on the the Missouri Content Exam website.

Course Rotation


This is the last semester online special education courses will be offered at Southeast for DESE’s TAC program.

  • EL353 Techniques of Teaching Elementary Math (2 credits)
  • EX304 Behavior Management (3 credits)
  • EX507 Family and the Exceptional Child (3 credits)
  • EX312 Diagnosis & Remediation of Learning Diff in Math (3 credits)
  • EX373 Techniques of Teaching the Mild/Mod Cross-Categorical (3 credits)
  • EX390 Psychology and the Exceptional Child (3 credits)


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