District Instructions

The employing school district must complete the online Application for Temporary Certificate. The TAC is DESE's program, so no paperwork will need to be submitted to this office for processing.

Southeast does offer most of the coursework required for the TAC online; in order to be enrolled in our courses, you will need to be admitted to this university.

Information about areas other then teacher certification can be found on the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education website.

Required Courses

The Temporary Certification is intended to be a two year program of study. Additional course work maybe required to meet the nine (9) credit hour per year requirement.

  1. Psychology of the Exceptional Child: EX390 Psychology & Education of the Exceptional Child ( 3 credit hours )
  2. Behavioral Management Techniques: SE306/SE271 Theories of Learning and Management ( 2 credit hours )
  3. Measurement and Evaluation: SE308/SE273 Fundamentals of High School Education or SE301/SE250 Fundamentals of Middle School Education ( 3 credit hours )
  4. Teaching Methods/Instructional Strategies: ( 3 credit hours) SE*** Techniques of Teaching - in the content area. Southeast does not offer this course online. You will either need to find a regular section of this course or take it at another institution to meet DESE's certification requirements.
  5. Methods of Teaching Reading at the Appropriate Level: SE307/SE272 Teaching Reading in Secondary School ( 2 credit hours )
  6. Development Psychology at the Appropriate Level: PY222 Development of the Adolescent ( 3 credit hours )
  7. Beginning Teacher Assistance: This requirement can be fulfilled through the participation in one of several Beginning Teacher Assistance workshops offered through out the state. Various organizations offer these workshop, the following is a link to workshops offered by Missouri State Teacher Association. Please obtain verification of your attendance.
Missouri Content Exams

One test in your subject area and one test covering teaching and learning (refer to the Office of Testing Services on Southeast's campus on Southeast's campus for details of when these tests are offered). Specific information can be found on the Missouri Content Exam website.

New Student Admissions Process