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International Travel

The Art Department at Southeast, partnering with University Studies, offers unique opportunities to visit some of the most beautiful and interesting art locations in the world. Each year a new topic of exploration is introduced, culminating in an enriching international trip. Destinations have included London, Edinburgh and Glasgow, Brussels, Amsterdam, Montreal and Quebec, Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan. Come explore with us!

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Domestic Travel

Each academic year, the Student Opportunities Committee organizes a trip for students. Past destinations include New York City, Chicago, and St Louis. The itinerary of these trips focuses on the art and culture of the destination. Students go to museums, see performances, meet local artists, and experience the art world from many different perspectives. Travel enables students to gain perspective on possible career choices and lifestyles they may have not been aware of before the trip. These trips empower students as they navigate through the streets of a new city. Many participants have stated that this trip was one of the highlights of their college experience.

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