Autism Spectrum Disorders: Guide to Evidence-based Interventions

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Missouri Autism Guidelines Initiative:

Autism Spectrum Disorders-Missouri Best Practice Guidelines for Screening, Diagnosis and Assessment.

Navigating Autism Services:

A Community Guide for Missouri. A Publication of the Missouri Office of Autism Services.

Southeast Missouri Autism Resource Brochure:

The Rapid Response Initiative is a cooperative effort among state and local agencies to improve access to care for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families.

Autism Resource Guidebook:

A publication of the Missouri Office of Autism Services.

Online Training Modules:

The Thompson Center offers five free online training modules to individuals wanting to learn more about autism. The modules were developed by the Mid-Missouri Rapid Response Initiative, a project funded by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Developmental Disabilities.

Missouri Office of Autism Services:

The Office of Autism Services was established in 2008 (633.225 RSMo) to provide leadership in program development for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders, to include establishment of program standards and coordination of program capacity.