Southeast Missouri State University

Biology at Southeast.... What You Need, We Have

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    Area Natural Resources

    Southeast Missouri State University is located at the head of the Mississippi River Delta. Located just one mile from the Mississippi River, the University can offer a unique setting for many areas of study.
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    Animal Room

    The facility offers faculty and student collaborators the opportunity to research live animal behavior within a controlled environment.
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    Center for Aquatic Studies

    Southeast has a broad interest in aquatic life. Faculty research ranges from molecular studies on Carribean fish to the cellular mechanism of water balance in calcareous ferns, from the genetic diversity of aquatic invertebrates and plants to management of turtles in freshwater environment... and it doesn't stop there.
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    Center for Environmental Analysis

    The Center for Environmental Analysis is actively involved in several public health and environmental health research areas.
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    Education Resources for Teachers

    If your future is in Biological Education, Southeast is perfect. The Linda Godwin Center for Science and Mathematics Education, located in Johnson Hall adjacent to the science buildings, coordinates programs that provide resources for teachers and pre-service teacher education students. The NASA Educator Resource Center, one block from campus, is open to science education students and provides a wealth of materials for science lessons.
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    The Biology Department has two greenhouses located adjacent to Rhodes and Magill Halls.
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    Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (GCRL)

    Down the Mississippi, down to the delta, it's a natural extension of study at Southeast.
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    Imaging at Southeast is digital. In research experiences, you'll be able to capture micrographs on the computer or view and analyze gels with our Kodak Imager.
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    Kelso Wildlife Sanctuary

    Kelso Wildlife Sanctuary is a typical Ozark borders oak-hickory forest that is used in classes and in independent student research projects.
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    Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

    Southeast faculty and students actively employ a variety of molecular techniques in research. Our curriculum is designed to foster critical thinking about microbiology, molecular biology, and genetics along with a familiarity with the primary scientific literature in these fields.
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    Reis Biological Station

    Located in the Ozarks, the Reis Biological Station is home to 225 acres of upland oak-hickory forest. The station also harbors short leaf pine, calcareous ferns, and a diverse group of wildlife.
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    Travis Brooks Herbarium

    Our herbarium houses approximately 15,000 plant specimens. The facility includes a drying cabinet and a mounting area.
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    Regional Research Collection and Museum

    Our vertebrate, invertebrate, and insect collections are composed of regional representatives. We have strong holdings in aquatic and mammalian vertebrates. We also have a bird collection worth viewing! Enjoy our museum or use it for research!