Photo of Walt W. Lilly

Walt Lilly, Ph. D.

Professor of Biology
Radiation Safety Officer
Laser Safety Officer
(573) 651-2359
Office: Rhodes Hall  219

Teaches: Cell Biology; Problems in cell and molecular biology; Bioinformatics
Research: Fungal biochemistry/molecular biology/genomics; Protease biochemistry; regulation of protein turnover and proteolytic activity at the molecular level
Advises: Biomedical Sciences; Pre-Med; Microbiology, Cellular and Molecular Biology

Education: Ph.D. University of Minnesota, 1979

Courses: Cell Biology, Bioinformatics, Health Physics, Plant Physiology


Dr. Lilly has an active research program in fungal physiology and biochemistry, including molecular biology and genomics of proteolytic enzyme systems in basidiomycetes.  He has mentored more than 100 undergraduate and masters-level students in his career.  He is the recipient of more than $1.3 million in external funding and has thirty peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Lilly is the recipient of multiple awards at Southeast Missouri State University for teaching, research and service including: University Faculty Merit Award, 2002;  Missouri Governor's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2002;  University PRIDE Award, 2013;  R. Ferrell Irvin Award for Teaching Excellence 2014.

Dr. Lilly is the University Radiation Safety Officer and Laser Safety Officer.   In addition to normal duties of that position, he also had oversight/management responsibility for the radiological remediation of Magill Hall of Science from 2000 to 2013.  He also developed first Laser Safety Plan and first X-ray Safety Plan for institution. 

Selected publications:

Eastwood, DC, et al.  2011. The plant cell wall-decomposing machinery underlies the functional diversity of forest fungi. Science 333: 762-765.

Stajich JE, et al. 2010. Insights into evolution of multicellular fungi from the assembled chromosomes of the mushroom Coprinopsis cinerea (Coprinus cinereus). Proceedings of the National Academy of Science U S A.107: 11889-11894.

Ohm RA, et al.  2010. Genome sequence of the model mushroom Schizophyllum commune. Nature Biotechnology. 28:957-963

Burns C, Stajich JE, Rechtsteiner A, Casselton C, Hanlon SE, Wilke SK, Savytskyy OP, AC, Lilly WW, Lieb JD, Zolan ME, Pukkila PJ. 2010. Analysis of the basidiomycete Coprinopsis cinerea reveals conservation of the core meiotic expression program over half a billion years of evolution. PLoS Genetics 6(9): e1001135.

Lilly WW, Stajich JE, Pukkila PJ, Wilke SA, Inoguchi N, and Gathman AC. 2008. An expanded family of fungalysin metalloproteases of Coprinus cinereus. Mycological Research 112: 389-398.


Rhodes Hall 224
Department of Biology
One University Plaza, MS 6200
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701