Southeast Missouri State University

Faculty Member

Allan J. Bornstein, Ph. D.

Professor of Biology
(573) 651-2363
Office: Rhodes Hall 209

Teaches: Systematic Botany, Field Botany, Native Aquatic Plants
Research: Floristics; Taxonomy and evolutionary relationships of neotropical pipers
Advises: Organismal, Ecological and Evolutionary Biology; Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Faculty Member

James Champine, Ph. D.

Professor/Chairman of Biology
(573) 651-2171
Office: Rhodes Hall 224 A

Teaches: Microbiology, Microbial Physiology
Research: Environmental microbiology; Antibiotic resistance in environmental bacteria; Lead tolerance; Antifolate antimicrobials
Advises: Biomedical Sciences and Pre-Med MCM

Faculty Member

Allen C. Gathman, Ph. D.

Professor of Biology; Associate Dean of Online Learning
(573) 651-2298
Office: Kent Library 305

Faculty Member

Timothy Judd, Ph. D.

Professor of Biology
(573) 651-2365
Office: Rhodes Hall 225

Teaches: Entomology; Animal Behavior; Invertebrate Zoology
Research: Animal behavior; Invertebrate biology; Nutritional ecology and behavior of eusocial animals.
Advises: Organismal, Cellular and Molecular Biology; Marine Biology

Faculty Member

John Kraemer, Ph. D.

Professor/Director of Environmental Science; CEO, Institute for Environmental Health Assessment & Patient Centered Outcomes
(573) 651-2355
Office: Rhodes Hall 107 C

Teaches: Risk Assessment; Industrial Hygiene; Emergency Management
Research: Public health, asthma, indoor air, pesticide exposures
Advises: Pre-Dental; Pre-Optometry; Pre-Chiropractic; Biomedical Sciences

Faculty Member

Walt Lilly, Ph. D.

Professor of Biology
(573) 651-2359
Office: Rhodes Hall 219

Teaches: Cell Biology; Problems in cell and molecular biology; Bioinformatics
Research: Fungal biochemistry/molecular biology/genomics; Protease biochemistry; regulation of protein turnover and proteolytic activity at the molecular level
Advises: Biomedical Sciences; Pre-Med; Microbiology, Cellular and Molecular Biology

Faculty Member

Stephen R. Overmann, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Biology
(573) 651-2386
Office: Rhodes Hall 107 A

Teaches: Intro to Toxicology; Wildlife Toxicology
Research: Wildlife toxicology; Effects of environmental toxicants on terrestrial vertebrates
Advises: Environmental Science

Faculty Member

John S. Scheibe, Ph. D.

Professor of Biology
(573) 651-2379
Office: Magill Hall 125

Teaches: Mammalogy; Herpetology; Vertebrate Adaptations; Comparative Anatomy
Research: Population biology; Ecological modeling; mammalogy; herpetology; Evolution of form and function in gliding mammals
Advises: Organismal, Ecological and Evolutionary Biology

Faculty Member

Lucinda Swatzell, Ph. D.

Professor of Biology
(573) 651-2358
Office: Rhodes Hall 213

Teaches: Ethnobotany; Plant Physiology
Research: Plant cell physiology and development; Water balance in Cheilanthes gametophytes and in early stages of developing Gossypium fibers; Thalia dealbata development and distribution in marginally aquatic habitat
Advises: Microbiology, Cellular and Molecular Biology

Faculty Member

Margaret A. Waterman, Ph. D.

Professor of Biology
(573) 651-2381
Office: Rhodes Hall 205

Teaches: Analysis of Biological Issues; Techniques of Teaching Science; Biological Sciences: A Process Approach
Research: Science teaching and learning using cases and computer simulations for investigations; Undergraduate science education
Advises: Biological Education; Unified Biological Education

Faculty Member

Diane Wood, Ph. D.

Professor of Biology
(573) 651-2364
Office: Rhodes Hall 206

Teaches: Anatomy and Physiology; Ecology; Aquatic Entomology; Freshwater Ecology
Research: Aquatic and terrestrial insect ecology
Advises: Pre-Physician Assistant; Organismal, Ecological and Evolutionary Biology