Full Water Service Restored at Southeast

Southeast Missouri State University

Income and Expenditure Graphs

Estimated Income by Funding Source for FY 2014

Income by Funding Source Chart
Funding Source Amount
State Appropriation $42,806,554
Student Fees $58,392,214
Other Sources $2,679,140
Total Estimated Income $103,877,908

Estimated Expenditures by Division (net) for FY 2014

Expenditures by Division Chart
Division Amount
Academic Affairs $50,968,195
Finance and Administration $14,633,712
Enrollment Management & Student Success $3,909,656
Institutional Services $26,883,992
Athletics $5,357,226
University Advancement $2,175,127
Total Net Estimated Expenditures $103,877,908

Estimated Expenditures by Expense Category for FY 2014

Expenditures by Expense Category Chart
Expense Category Amount
Salaries $56,950,964
Benefits $19,473,590
Student Employment $1,460,462
Equipment & Operations $45,760,693
   Subtotal - Estimated Expenditures $123,645,709
   Less Designated Revenue $19,767,801
Total Net Estimated Expenditures $103,877,908