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(S)harpening Your Self-Awareness

Your individual search for the right major/career direction is unique to you, so the first (and most important) step in this process is sharpening your self awareness. Once you know WHO you are, discovering WHAT you want to do becomes much more clear. 

What do you enjoy? What are you good at? What is important to you in life and how does that relate to your future career? Like any big decision (purchasing a car, a home, etc.), you want to make sure to weigh all of the variables. Below, we have provided a list of self-assessments which are designed to help you discover your interests, skills, personality, and values and connect this information with possible majors/careers.

FOCUS 2 ™ Career Planning System (Interests, Personality, Skills & Values) **Available through your Southeast portal**
FOCUS™ 2 combines 5 self-assessments, career/major exploration, & action planning in one system. Customized with Southeast majors, your assessment results are matched to career options & majors/programs offered at Southeast!
*Students, as a part of their UI100 course, are required to take the FOCUS™ 2. However, you can access it ANY time  through your Southeast Portal under the Students tab*

Keirsey Temperament Sorter(Personality)
Take this quick personality instrument to help you discover more about your personality and how this can relate to your job search. Upon completion, choose the 'Temperament Mini Report' for free results.

StrengthsFinder (Strengths/Skills)
The premise behind StrengthsFinder is that you will be happiest in a job that allows you to do what you do best every day. In contrast, jobs that do not exercise your personal strengths every day can eventually lead to boredom, alienation, and overall career unhappiness. This assessment will help you find your unique strengths and preferred ways of thinking, feeling, and working with others.

Skills Worksheet
Completing this checklist will allow you to brainstorm what you know you are good at and self-rate your skills and abilities. Print and complete the checklist to help prioritize your skills. As you research majors/careers, consider the required skills for that career or jobs in that area, and whether or not these are skills you feel you possess or could develop.
*Other ways to identify your skills include reflection on your personal accomplishments, academic performance in various subjects, previous jobs or community service projects you’ve worked on, and feedback you receive from others.

Work and Lifestyle Values Worksheet
Your values are what is important to you. People tend to feel most satisfied when their work satisfies their values. Work values are the characteristics of a job that are important to you, such as salary, amount of independence, required hours, etc. Lifestyle values characterize what preferences you desire for your future, such as living in a particular location, a fulfilling family life, ability to travel etc.
Print and complete the checklist to help prioritize YOUR values. As you research potential majors and careers, consider whether or not they will allow you to fulfill these values/life preferences.

For more individualized assistance, career counselors are available at Career Services Monday-Friday, 9am - 4pm for one-on-one appointments to assist you in your career/major decision making process. Call Career Services at (573) 651-2583 to set up an appointment today!