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Still Deciding on a Major or Career Direction?

Welcome to the Career Services Career Exploration Model!

Whether you are a Southeast student who is ready to choose a major OR an individual who may be looking to change your major/career direction, this model will assist you through that process and help lead you to a successful career path.

Sharpening Your Awareness
Exploring Your Options
Moving Towards a Decision
Organizing Your Plan

Choosing a major or career direction is an exciting process, and we encourage all students to steer through the four areas of the model in order, beginning with Sharpening Your Awareness. However, resources are available for students at all levels of your career development, so feel free to jump right into any of the sections to gain knowledge, tips, tricks, and resources.

For more individualized assistance, career counselors are available at Career Services Monday-Friday, 9am - 4pm for one-on-one appointments to assist you in your career/major decision making process. Call Career Services at (573) 651-2583 to set up an appointment today!