Do's & Don'ts for Applying to Graduate School


  • Start your graduate school application materials one to one-and-a-half years before you plan to apply.
  • Be prompt with your application materials by double-checking all of your deadlines. They may be different than undergraduate deadlines.
  • Make every element of your application the best it can be (read carefully, ensure everything needed is completed, proofread, and have someone else proofread your materials).
  • Get your financial aid application in as early as possible. Financial aid for graduate school is limited.
  • Start asking individuals for letters of recommendation at least six months before your application deadline.
  • Be truthful and do not exaggerate your accomplishments.
  • Keep copies of all of your application materials.


  • Use correction fluid. If you type your application, use a correctable typewriter or liftoff strips to correct mistakes. Your best option is to fill out your application online if you can.
  • Leave blank spaces. Missing information may cause your application to be sent back or delayed.
  • Be unclear. If the question calls for a specific answer, don’t try to dodge it by being vague.
  • Approach people about letters of recommendation at the last minute.
  • Go overboard on your personal essay. Treat it as a professional application.
  • Assume the admission office has everything they need. Wait two weeks after sending your materials and follow up to make sure they received everything.
  • Put things off.

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