CL001 - CL004 Information

The Career Launch Series (CL001-004) was developed to ensure that all students graduate with appropriate career planning knowledge, develop readiness to launch careers post-graduation, and provide insight into the tools, strategies, and resources available to them. They are designed to be taken during the first year (CL001 and CL002), sophomore year (CL003) and junior or senior year (CL004). Although the proficiencies are zero credit, failing any proficiency will result in an F on the student's transcript. All four proficiencies (CL001-004) are required for graduation, and students may not graduate on time if any proficiency is failed or unfulfilled.

Many majors have incorporated CL004 into specific courses. In these majors, students will enroll in a required major course and are prompted to enroll in a specific section of CL004. If your major does not have a co-req CL 004 section, you may sign up for a section administered by staff within the Office of Career Services. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding registering for the appropriate section, please contact your Academic Advisor. Faculty are encouraged to contact their department chair and/or the Office of Career Services with any questions.

Courses with a CL004 co-requisite

Faculty who wish to incorporate the curriculum used for the university-wide sections of CL004 into their course should contact Jennifer Woolf, Interim Director of Career Services at or 573-651-6747 for more information.


Career Launch Proficiencies (CL 001-004) Information - Enrolled Fall 2016 or After
Career Launch Proficiencies FAQs - Enrolled Fall 2016 or After

This tool is an online, interactive career, and education planning system that combines self-assessment, career exploration, and decision making into one comprehensive program. It will help you map out a career path and select a major area of study to support your career goals. Completing the Focus 2 is part of the requirements for UI100/CL001. For specific instructions in your UI100 section, please consult your instructor.

Login instructions

  1. Click on the Focus2 link to log in:
  2. If you are a first time user, click the REGISTER button
  3. Your Access Code is: redhawk
  4. Complete personal details using your Southeast email.
  5. Complete all areas of the assessment: (Career Readiness, My Academic Strengths, Work Interest, Personality, Values, Skills, and Leisure assessments). Your UI100 instructor may assign additional areas or tasks related to the Focus 2 assessment for completion of CL001.


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