Online Enrollment with My Southeast Self-Service (STUDENT) Instructions:


  1. Go to the My Southeast portal,
  2. Sign in to the portal using your SE Key (NOTE:  Use Student’s SE Key and Password)
  3. Choose Student Tab
  4. Choose Click here to open My Southeast Self-Service
  5. Choose Click on this link to access your self-service page
  6. Choose Student and Financial Aid
  7. Click on Registration
  8. Choose Add or Drop Classes
  9. Select Term from drop down box
  10. Enter Alternate PIN – For today, your Alt PIN will be _________________________
  11. Once in the enrollment/registration screen, enter CRN/call numbers or select Class Search to find desired courses
  12. If you select Class Search, you can search by University Studies category or by specific department.  If searching by University Studies category, you must click the first Subject entry, AC, and hold SHIFT while dragging the mouse down to select all subjects.  Then scroll down and select which specific University Studies category you wish to search, i.e. Artistic Expression, Oral Expression
  13. After courses appear, place a check in the box beside your selection.
  14. Scroll down and select Register
  15. Click “Submit changes,” when all classes have been registered.  Enrollment is complete unless errors in schedule occur
  16. If errors, review and correct as necessary (See Connected Course instructions below if co-requisite error is displayed)
  17. To complete enrollment process, only need to “Submit Changes” – no other steps to complete the process

 Connected courses –

  1. Search course by course and add to worksheet to avoid errors.  If not sure of co-requisites/connected courses, “submit changes” to receive errors.
  2. If a “registration add error” such as below is received, add original CRN to worksheet and search for the corequisite (CORQ) course:
  3. If second error is received due to more than one co-requisite (see below), add both CRNs to worksheet and search for additional course.
  4. Once all CRNs have been added to worksheet, “submit changes” to enroll in courses.