Declare your major

  • Elementary Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Exceptional Child Education 
  • Middle School Education
  • Secondary Education

 Monitor the list of requirements for gaining admission to the Teacher Education Program.

 Determine the day you will enroll via the My Southeast portal.(Use this link: for "day you will enroll")

 Arrange for an advising appointment prior to enrollment/registration. 

  • Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Exceptional Child Education and Middle School Education.  To schedule an appointment:   
    (Spring semester - September/October)
    (Fall semester - March/April)          
  • Secondary Education students must contact their advisor in their content area or call the Middle and Secondary Department at 651-5965 for assistance.

 Enroll via the My Southeast portal. Remember for financial purposes, do not rely on second 8-week classes to replace a class you might drop (for financial aid purposes). *Scholarship students are responsible for being aware of hours needed for their respective scholarship*

 Finally, if you have concerns or questions, please consult your advisor rather than soliciting advice from students.