You’ve registered for your classes and ended up with fewer than 12 hours.  So what now?

  1. Make sure you’ve called every number given for a closed class on your curriculum sheet.  Keep trying until you talk to someone to see if you can get on a waiting list.  Some have waiting lists on the internet (i.e. Economics Dept.).
  2. For closed classes you still need, check the seat availability on the internet site frequently.  When seats become available, you’ll be one of the first to get on top of it.
  3. If you are trying for a Tues.-Thurs. only or a 3-day only each week schedule, you’ll need to work this out yourself.  You may need to work with class sections that are OPEN.  Departments don’t usually open closed classes if other sections are still open.
  4. If you HAVE to be enrolled in 12 hours until other classes open up, here are some to consider.  (Drop them as soon as you get the classes you need.)  Some may be offered in the Fall only or Spring only.  These are electives not required classes, but all have some relevancy to education.  Some majors/concentrations do not need electives, while others do.


AT130   Aerobics 1 hour

Jogging/Walking for Fitness

1 hour
AT196  Self Defense I  1 hour

Tai Kwon Do I

1 hour
CD110  Language & Culture  3 hours
CF102   Personal & Family Relations   2 hours

Facilitating Development in Young Children

3 hours
*CF402  Marriage Interactions 3 hours
*CF409   School-Age Child Care    3 hours

Parent Child Interaction

3 hours
*CF509  Child Life Services  3 hours

Selection of Foods 

3 hours
HL231   Fitness Conditioning
*HL312  Contemporary Drug Use 3 hours
HP100  Intro to Historic Preservation  3 hours

First Aid 

2 hours
PE240  Rhythm, Plays and Games  
*PY358  Social Psychology  3 hours

Psychology and the Law 

3 hours
*PY440  Abnormal Psychology    3 hours
*PY441  Intro to Clinical Psychology  3 hours


3 hours
*PY444   Childhood:  Psychopathology    3 hours
RC112  Music Therapy    3 hours

Recreation Services 

3 hours
 RC210  Camp Leadership & Counseling  3 hours
RC230  Recreational Sports   3 hours

World Religions

3 hours
RS201  New Testament Literature    3 hours
SO205  Social Problems in America    3 hours

Social Problems of Childhood

3 hours
*SO365  Juvenile Delinquency    3 hours
*SO370   The Family    3 hours
*SO444  Deviant Social Behavior    3 hours
SW110   Intro to Social Work    3 hours
UI339  Indians of North America    3 hours
*UI354  Lifestyle Enhancement   3 hours
US225  History of Vietnam War (America’s involvement; recommended
for non-traditional students with Social Studies concentration) 
3 hours

 *Need 45 hours to take course.