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View a schedule of math course offerings.

Course Number Course Name  Hours 
MA118  Mathematics I
Must have declared elementary, exceptional, or early childhood education major.
Pre-req is MA101/MA102 (must be passed w/credit). If closed, call 651-2164.
MA134  College Algebra
Select  MA138 or MA250 if this class was bypassed or waived  for a higher level class at some point.
Pre-req for MA134 is MA101/102 or 21 or higher on ACT math section. Pre-req for MA138 is MA134.
Pre-req for MA250 is MA139 or MA140. If closed, call 651-2164.



Applied Calculus
Pre-req is MA134 or equivalent; see Department of Mathematics if unsure of status.
Analytic Geometry & Calculus I 
Pre-req is MA133 & MA134 or equivalent; see Department of Mathematics if unsure of status.
If closed, call 651-2164.





Statistical Reasoning
Pre-req is MA102 with minimum grade of C or 2 units high school algebra.
Elementary Probability and Statistics
Pre-req is MA134 or equivalent; see Department of Mathematics if unsure of status.
If closed, call 651-2164.

MA318  Mathematics II  for Elementary Teachers
Pre-req is MA118. If closed, call 651-2164. 
MA418  Mathematics III for Elementary Teachers 
Pre-req is MA318. If closed, call 651-2164. 
UI438  Nature & Growth of Mathematical Thought
Pre-req is MA139 or MA140. If not available, select from MA250, MA340, MA443, plus any UI4xx.
If closed, call 651-2164.

Artistic Expression
AR108, AR111, AR112, FL205, LI 205, MM101, MU181, MU182, MU190, DA100, PL203, PG284, TH100, TH101.
3 hours credit.

*C denotes a grade of C or better is required.

Course Number Course Name  Hours 
BS 118  Intro to Process Science
If closed, call 651-2170). 
BS218  Biological Science
With lab. Pre-req includes BS118) (If closed, call 651-2170).
CL001, CL002,
CL003, CL004  
Career Linkage sessions
EC101  Economic Problems and Policies
If closed go to
EL120  Elementary Block I Field
Must pass with credit.
EL210  Integrating Technology Into the Classroom *C
Required for students entering Southeast Fall 07 or later.
EN100  English Comp I *C
Placement may require EN099 as a prereq.
EN140 Rhetoric & Critical Thinking *C
Pre-req includes EN100. If closed, call 651-2156.
HL210  Health and Safety *C
If closed, call 651-2197.
 LI 243 Children's Literature (Take with of before Block II)  3
MU356  Music Skills for the Teacher *C
Pre-req for EL313. If closed, call 651-2141.
PH218  Physical Science
Pre-req includes BS118. If closed, call 651-2167.
NTE/Praxis II National Teachers' Exam
Take before block IV. Praxis Test code for Elementary is 10011.
PS103  Political Systems
If closed, call 651-2183.
PY120/CF120  The Child *C
If PY120 is closed, call 651-2132. If CF120 is closed, call 651-2109.
SC105  Oral Communication *C
To get on waiting list, go to
University Studies:  Oral Expression - Only SC105 is accepted.


Diversity in American Schools
If closed, call 651-2128.

UI100/CL001  First Year Seminar and Career Survey
If closed, call instructor.
US105/107  American History I or II
If closed, call 651-2180.
UI308  Physical/Cultural Landscapes
Pre-req includes must have 45 hours completed. If closed, call 651-2146. 
UI318  Earth Science
Pre-reqs include BS118, PH218, BS218. If closed, call 651-2167.
WP003  Writing Proficiency Exam
Must pass. Take after 75 hours completed. If closed, call 651-5905.

 MAPP1 and


MAPP1 and MAPP2 (Learning Assesment)
MAPP2 take after 90 hours completed. To enroll:  If closed, call 651-2836.  

Requirements for Teacher Ed should be met before Block II.

Block II

15 hours. Block II consists of the following classes and includes a field experience in a public school where students present lesson plans and work in other areas as needed or designated.  Students in block II should have completed LI243 Children's Literature or should take it concurrently with block II.  Requirements for teacher education must be completed for block II. For an explanation of these requirements click here: TEP

*C denotes a grade of C or better required.

EL314  Elementary Field Experience Block II
Must pass.
EL315  Theories of Learning & Management *C
EL316  Foundations of Reading Techniques *C
EL317  Foundations of Language Arts Techniques *C
EF304  School and Society *C
EL313  Children and the Arts *C

Bock III

16 hours. Should have had MA118, and either MA318 or MA418, BS118 and either PH218 or BS218; EC101, PS103, UI308 and US105 or US107 before block III is taken.  TEP  requirements must be met before block III.  Block III is a combination of on campus classes and off campus public school field experience. Allow up to three weeks of  full time participation for block III and parts of other weeks should also be kept free.  Contact Dr. Tahsin Khalid at 651-2505 or for additional info if needed.

*C denotes a grade of C or better required.

Course Number Course Name  Hours 
EL350 Elementary Field Experience III
Must pass.
EL351  Tech. of Teaching Science *C
EL352  Tech. of Teaching Social Studies *C
EL353  Tech. of Teaching Mathematics *C
EL354  Corrective Reading Instruction *C
EL355  Reading Study Strategies/Skills *C
EX390  Psych of the Exceptional Child *C
NTE/PRAXIS II  Take Praxis II with last professional block before student teaching.
Call 573-651-2386 for information. Praxis test code for Elementary is 10011.

Block IV

*C denotes a grade of C or better required.

Course Number  Course Name  Hours 
EL453/454 Student Teaching *C
There will be two 6 week sessions of student teaching for elementary education.
Available in 50 countries - contact Dr. Benton at 651-2440 for information.