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Cape Girardeau, MO 63703

Fall 2013 Course Schedule

Admission to the CGPHE and the COMPASS placement test are required prior to advising and enrollment. Students may enroll by scheduling an advising appointment.

AD101921IST100 Intro to Micro Appl38:00 AM8:50 AMM W F
AD101922IST100 Intro to Micro Appl312:30 PM1:45 PM T R 
AG201921World Foods & Society312:00 PM12:50 PMM W F
AR112921Perspectives in Art311:00 AM11:50 AMM W F
BS107921BIOL101 General Biology54:30 PM8:20 PMM W  
EC215921ECON212 Princ of Microecon36:30 PM9:20 AM T   
EN099921ENGL04 Intro to Composition32:00 PM2:50 PMM W F
EN099922ENGL04 Intro to Composition39:30 AM10:45 AM T R 
EN100921ENGL111 College Writing31:00 PM1:50 PMM W F
EN100922ENGL111 College Writing35:00 PM6:15 PMM W  
EN100923ENGL111 College Writing38:00 AM9:15 AM T R 
EN140921Rhetoric & Critical Thinking35:00 PM6:15 PMM W  
EN140922Rhetoric & Critical Thinking31:00 PM1:50 PMM W F
FE200921Family Resource Management32:00 PM3:15 PM T R 
FN235921Nutrition for Health311:00 AM11:50 AMM W F
GE091921ENGL06 Fund of Academic Read312:00 PM12:50 PMM W F
GE091922ENGL06 Fund of Academic Read36:30 PM7:45 PM T R 
GO150921Environmental Geology32:00 PM3:50 PM T   
LI220921Fiction & Human Experience311:00 AM12:15 PM T R 
LI256921Variety of Literature310:00 AM10:50 AMM W F
MA090921MATH06 Beginning Algebra39:00 AM9:50 AMM W F
MA090922MATH06 Beginning Algebra312:30 PM1:45 PM T R 
MA090923MATH06 Beginning Algebra35:00 PM6:15 PM T R 
MA102921MATH153 Intermed Algebra47:45 AM8:50 AMM W F
MA102922MATH153 Intermed Algebra42:00 PM3:40 PM T R 
MA102923MATH153 Intermed Algebra46:30 PM8:10 PMM W  
MA134921College Algebra35:00 PM6:15 PM T R 
MA134922College Algebra311:00 AM11:50 AMM W F
MU182921Hist/Apprc of Music39:30 AM10:45 AM T R 
PH106921Physical Science34:30 PM6:20 PMM W  
PS103922GOVT121 U.S. Political Systems36:30 PM9:20PMM    
PS103921GOVT121 U.S. Political Systems32:00 PM2:00 PMM W F
PY101921PSYC111 General Psychology312:30 PM1:45 PM T R 
PY220921Human Growth and Devlopement36:30 PM9:20 PM  W  
PY220922Human Growth and Devlopement39:00 AM9:50 AMM W F
SC105922Public Speaking310:00 AM10:50 AMM W F
SC105921Public Speaking39:30 AM10:45 AM T R 
SC155921Interpersonal Communcation31:00 PM1:50 PMM W F
SO102921General Sociology311:00 AM12:15 PM T R 
SW207921Undst Cultural and Social Div312:00 PM12:50 PMM W F
US105921American Hist I311:00 AM12:15 PM T R 
US107921American Hist II39:00 AM9:50 AMM W F