Chemistry Course Sequence

Offered Both Fall and Spring Semester

CH180 Chemistry in Our World (3)
CH181/081/001 Basic Principles in Chemistry (5)
CH185/085/005 General Chemistry (5)
CH186 Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry (3)
CH187 Inorganic Chemistry and Qualitative Analysis Laboratory (2)
CH341 Foundations of Organic Chemistry (4)
CH342 Organic Chemistry Lab I (2)
CH391-CH392 Undergraduate Research
CH400 Special Topics in Chemistry (1) (on demand)
CH401-403 Independent Study in Chemistry (on demand)
CH498 Professional Presentation in Chemistry (1)
CH540 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry (2)
CH608 Seminar (0)
CH609 Seminar (1)
CH676-CH678 Internship in Chemistry
CH688 Problems in Chemistry (1) (on demand)
CH689 Problems in Chemistry (2) (on demand)
CH691-CH693 Research
PH218 Physical Science: A Process Approach (3)

Offered Fall Semester Only

CH271 Foundations of Analytical Chemistry (4)
CH306 Survey of Physical Chemistry (3)
CH311 Foundations of Physical Chemistry (4)
CH340 Survey of Organic Chemistry (5)
CH405/CH605 Engineering in Science Education (1)
CH420/CH620 Forensic Chemistry (4)
CH511 Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry (2)
CH531 Foundations of Biochemistry (also listed as UI331) (3)
CH571 Fundamentals of Quantitative Analysis (2)
CH675 Topics in Analytical Chemistry (3) (on demand)
FS550 Crime Lab I Microscopy (2)
FS553 Crime Laboratory III: Introductory Analysis of Pattern Evidence

Offered Spring Semester Only

CH234 Organic and Biological Chemistry (3)
CH312 Advanced Physical Chemistry (3)
CH313 Physical Chemistry Lab (3)
CH343 Advanced Organic Chemistry (3)
CH344 Organic Chemistry Lab II (2)
CH447/CH647 Advanced One and Two Dimensional NMR Techniques (3) (on demand)
CH532 Biochemistry II (2)
CH533 Biochemistry Lab I (2)
CH563 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (4) (on demand)
CH575 Chemical Instrumentation (4)
CH607 Introduction to Research and Chemical Literature (3)
CH641 Topics in Organic and Biological Chemistry (3)
FS552 Crime Lab II Blood and Fluids (2)
FS601 Problems in Forensic Science (1)
UI443 Professional Experience in Chemistry (3)

Other Courses Offered on Demand

CH450/CH650 Environmental Chemistry (3)
CH611 Topics in Physical Chemistry (3)
CH618 Topics in Chemistry Education (3)
CH663 Topics in Inorganic Chemistry (3)

Courses that have been offered in the Summer periodically
(Limited by minimum enrollments and faculty availability)

CH180, CH181, CH185, CH186, CH187, CH341, CH342, CH531 (UI331), CH540, CH618


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Department of Chemistry
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