Department of Communication Disorders Facilities

Administrative Office

The administrative office for the Department of Communication Disorders is located in Grauel Building, Room 112. Offices of the Department Chairperson is located here. The office of the Clinic Coordinator of the Center for Speech and Hearing is located in Center for Speech and Hearing, Room 130.

Center for Speech and Hearing

The Center for Speech and Hearing is located at the corner of Pacific and Watkins Streets. It consists of a state-of-the-art facilities, which provide speech, language, hearing services as well as a waiting room. The Center for Speech and Hearing houses clinical observation areas for clinic patrons and a student work area. The Center for Speech and Hearing contains a video monitoring system which enables clinical supervisors to observe service provision. A student work room/computer lab, student storage lockers, and storage areas for diagnostic and therapy materials are also located in the clinic. The audiology clinic houses one acoustically-isolated test suites and is equipped with diagnostic audiometers, acoustic immittance analyzers, otoacoustic emission analyzers, full-range evoked potential equipment, and a full range of auditory processing assessment and auditory training materials.

Faculty Offices

All faculty offices are located in Grauel Building 112 with the exception of the Clinic Coordinator housed in the Center for Speech and Hearing.


The department has two graduate laboratory facilities in the Center for Speech and Hearing. The augmentative/alternative communication (AAC) lab consists of AAC equipment and devices. The acoustics/swallowing lab consists of videostroboscopy, voice recording and swallowing analysis equipment. In addition to the two graduate labs, there is a classroom-based laboratory space for teaching anatomy and physiology to undergraduate students in Grauel Building 111.

Primary Classroom Facility

All graduate courses are taught in the Center for Speech and Hearing, room 127. Undergraduate courses are taught in Grauel Building 111, 113, and 114.


Grauel 210
Communication Disorders
One University Plaza, MS 2600
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701