Administrative Office

The administrative office for the Department of Communication Disorders is located in Grauel Building, Room 210. Offices of the Department Chairperson and the Director of the Center for Speech and Hearing are located here. In addition, the department and clinical administrative assistants are located here.

Center for Speech and Hearing

The Center for Speech and Hearing is located in Grauel Building and consists of the Speech-Language Clinic, the Audiology Clinic, a waiting room as well as clinical observation and work areas. The Speech-Language Clinic contains 8 clinical suites with computers and digital recording capabilities. Remote observation is available in all clinical suites. A student work/computer lab, student storage lockers, and storage areas for diagnostic and therapy materials is also located in the clinic. There are also 2 work areas for graduate/clinical assistants. The audiology clinic houses 4 acoustically-isolated test suites and is equipped with diagnostic audiometers, acoustic immittance analyzers, otoacoustic emission analyzers, a full-range evoked potential audiometer, a variety of assistive listening devices, and a full range of auditory processing assessment and auditory training materials.

Faculty Offices

All faculty offices are located in Grauel Building. A directory of the current office locations of each faculty member in the department is located inside the main lobby at the front entrance of Grauel Building.


The Department has three primary laboratory facilities that are housed in Pacific Hall. Pacific Hall 206 contains the augmentative/alternative communication laboratory in addition to a small graduate seminar classroom. Pacific Hall 205 serves as the main speech and voice analysis laboratory with several instruments allowing a full array of speech respiratory, laryngeal, and articulatory analyses. There is also a laryngeal videostroboscopy instrument used in voice and swallowing analysis. There is a small group phonetics practice laboratory located on the 4th floor of Pacific Hall.

Primary Classroom Facility

Most academic classes are taught in Pacific 202. Smaller classes and graduate seminars can be accommodated in Pacific 206. Both areas house computer projection systems and a wide array of instructional software is available on these classroom computers.


Grauel 210
Communication Disorders
One University Plaza, MS 2600
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701