Department of Communication Disorders Mission Statement

The Department of Communication Disorders seeks to fulfill the broader missions of Southeast Missouri State University and its College of Health and Human Services. Within this context, the Department strives for academic excellence in both its undergraduate and graduate programs.
The primary mission of the undergraduate program is to provide a background of knowledge pertaining to normal and disordered communication, a foundation of ethical and clinical practice, and strong preparation for further graduate study in communication disorders. This mission is accomplished in the context of a broader liberal arts education.
The primary mission of the graduate program is to provide professional preparation in the area of speech-language pathology. This mission is accomplished in accordance with the standards set forth by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.
In all aspects of its academic mission, the Department of Communication Disorders strives to:

  • foster critical thinking, intellectual discovery, and intrinsic curiosity that will facilitate a strong foundation of knowledge and desire for life-long learning about communication and its disorders.
  • provide active learning through supervised clinical and laboratory experiences designed to provide students with multiple opportunities to provide high quality client/patient care in an environment of ethical and evidence-based practice.
  • offer opportunities for students to engage in the conduct of research related to normal and disordered communication, critical analysis as a consumer of research, as well as dissemination of research as a contributor to the scientific foundation of the profession.
  • promote the highest levels of instructional innovation and excellence, appreciation of cultural diversity, and the importance of civic engagement and leadership.

College of Health and Human Services Mission Statement

The mission of the College of Health and Human Services is to provide leadership and support for the teaching, research, scholarship and service responsibilities of its academic units. A significant focus in the college is to serve the students in facilitating success in reaching their goal of graduating with a degree leading to a rewarding profession. The student focus of the college is evident in the fact that the College of Health and Human Services has attracted the largest number of majors on campus. A strength of the college is the fact that, although there are diverse academic offerings, all programs potentially lead to a career that significantly and positively impact the lives of individuals and families.

Southeast Missouri State University Mission Statement

Southeast Missouri State University provides professional education grounded in the liberal arts and sciences and in practical experience. The University, through teaching and scholarship, challenges students to extend their intellectual capacities, interests, and creative abilities; develop their talents; and acquire a lifelong enthusiasm for learning. Students benefit from a relevant, extensive, and thorough general education with a global perspective; professional and liberal arts and sciences curricula; co-curricular opportunities; and real-world experiences. By emphasizing student-centered and experiential learning, the University, in collaboration with other entities as appropriate, prepares individuals to participate responsibly in a diverse and technologically advanced world, and in this and other ways contributes to the development of the social, cultural, and economic life of the region, state, and nation.