Course Description Even Years Odd Years
Fall Spring Fall Spring Instructor(s)
*SC 105 Fundamentals of Oral Comm X X X X any / all
*SC 155 Fundamentals of Interpersonal Comm X X X X JS; JH; NH
*SC 200 Advanced Public Speaking   X   X LU; GW
SC 215 Intercultural Communication  X   X   BC
SC 301 Foundations of Health Communication   X   X BC
SC 310 Speechwriting   X     LU
SC 314 Argumentation & Problem Solving       X LU
*SC 320 Group Communication   X   X SK; RW
SC 330 Corporate & Professional Comm


  X   SK
SC 335 Interviewing   X   X JS
SC 355 Relational Communication     X   JS
SC 360 Experiential Projects in Communication X X X X LU; GW
SC 406 Negotiation/Conflict   X   X SK
SC 482 Special Problems ** ** ** ** any / all
SC 510 Leadrshp and Team Building X   X   SK
*SC 560 Organizationl Communication   X   X SK
UI 301 Managerial Comm X X X X SK
*UI 345 Nonverbal Comm X X X X LU; JS
UI 423 Political Comm


*UI 425 Persuasion X X X X GW; LU
UI 504 Leaders of Social Change   X   X GW

*designates a core course
**designates a course offered "on demand."

BC = Brooke Clubbs
GW = Glen Williams
JH = Jeanne Harris
JS = Jennifer Summary
KK = Karen Kight
LU = Larry Underberg
NH = Natalie Holley
RW = Roseanna Whitlow
SK = Slavica Kodish