Tim Thompson Graduates with 4.0

....And He's Not One of Our Students, He's One of Our Instructors!

Tim Thompson is due to graduate with his master's degree from William Woods University (WWU) in December with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.  He started the master's program at WWU in March 2004. It was an 18-month accelerated program in educational administration. He took 36 credit hours in 18 months, while working several part-time jobs and a full-time position, and volunteering for numerous community theatre events. Upon graduation from WWU, Thompson will be certified to serve as a high school administrator, a long-time goal. His final master's project was a school improvement research project on improving school climate, culture and morale. 

Currently, Thompson works full time at Saint Vincent High School in Perryville AND he teaches part time for both Southeast Missouri State University and Mineral Area College (MAC). He currently teaches two courses for MAC--one each of public speaking, interpersonal communication, world drama,  introduction to theatre or acting, depending on the semester.  

In the spring, he will teach two MAC classes and one for the Department of Communication at Southeast, a section of SC105---Fundamentals of Oral Communication. He once described his life as a continual event, in and out of the car, driving from Perryville to MAC, down to Cape Girardeau, and back to Perryville all in one day.  

He  said, "You'd think I'd lose weight with all my jobs and all the running around I do, but I'm always on the road and always eating fast food in my car!"

Thompson also "moonlights," he says, at Southeast Hospital approximately two weekends per month on a medical floor as a tech. He has a background in healthcare that includes being a licensed EMT.

He generally take students to New York each year, and each summer he is on staff with the Educational Theatre Association's (ETA) International Thespian Festival. Incidentally, he won the 2002 ETA's President's Award for Contribution to High School Theatre. This was quite an honor for Thompson because he said only one award is given out each year internationally. Thompson also served as 2005 dramaturg for the state high school theatre festival in Joplin, Mo.

As if all of his paid positions do not keep him busy enough, Thompson also volunteers with the local theatre in Perryville and directs three or four mainstage plays at St. Vincent each year, he said.  He also conducts a  weeklong workshop each summer for elementary aged students in theatre arts, called "Spotlights."   

He said, "This year we have "Oklahoma," "Lost In Yonkers" and "The Nerd" scheduled as well as forensic competition pieces that include a one-act play and readers' theatre pieces."  He added, " We also will  have summer stock productions that will include the "Little Shop of Horrors.""

If you are wondering what Thompson does in his spare time, he enjoys travelling with his family, wife Susan, daughter Mariah, age 13,  and son Joshua, age 8.  He loves to read and write..."especially script writing, and attending theatre anywhere, especially in New York." 

Thompson's undergraduate degree is from Southeast and he studied for advanced certification at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  Thompson has an incredible ability to manage work, volunteer duties, family and what little spare time he has----not necessarily in that order! 


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Communication Studies
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