The Academic Advising Centers for the College of Science, Technology & Agriculture are available to assist students in the multi-faceted process of academic advising. The Advising Centers are the central point of contact for information and advice about the College of Science, Technology & Agriculture’s academic programs,advising policies and procedures and career information.

Departmental Advisors

Office: 301 Polytechnic Building
Hours: Monday - Friday
  • 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (fall and spring semesters)
  • 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (summer semester)

Amanda Eller, Coordinator of Special Programs & Services

Phone - (573) 986-6746
Email -
Advises Students in the Following Departments


Jean Miller, Coordinator of Academic Advising

Phone - (573) 651-2173
Email -
Advises Students in the Following Departments

"Develop Your Academic Plan with the End in Mind"

Academic and Career Advising starts with you—the student! It is important that you understand the academic and career advising process so you will not be behind in your academic career. As a student, you are responsible for yourself and your academic and career goals.

Advising Responsibilities of the Student

  • Have ALL educational records and transcripts sent to the University
  • Make an appointment each semester with advisor to discuss academic progress (preferably before your priority registration date). You can find Priority Registration Dates
  • View course selections on the “Look up Classes” feature on the student portal
  • Review your degree audit on your student portal to see what requirements you still need to take
  • Come to the advising appointment prepared with a list of possible courses
  • Complete the enrollment process by enrolling through the portal on your priority registration date
  • Become familiar with available campus resources and academic policies, procedures and requirements—as a student—this is your responsibility!

Advising/Enrollment Schedule

Mark Your Calendar!

Fall Semester – Prepare for Spring Enrollment

  • October (Or Earlier) - Make your Advising Appointment
  • End of October/early November– Priority Enrollment Begins

Spring Semester – Prepare for Fall Enrollment

  • March (or earlier) - make your advising appointment
  • Beginning of April – Priority Enrollment Begins

Summer Semester**

  • Mid-February - Priority Enrollment Begins

**Advising for summer and fall may be done in the same advising appointment.

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