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What is MEDFELS?

Welcome to MEDFELS (Meth Education for Elementary Schools).  This web site was developed in conjunction with a grant to develop and implement a drug education program that assists third and fourth grade teachers in presenting an accurate portrayal of the dangers associated with the manufacture, distribution and use of Methamphetamine.  Funding for the project came from Midwest HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area), Missouri Department of Public Safety and Southeast Missouri State University.

Although the program was designed for elementary teachers and their students, it can be useful to other teachers, parents or concerned citizens.  The information contained on this web site is a supplement to the 3rd and 4th grade educational program available through Midwest HIDTA. The meth education program follows the same topical outline that appears here and includes exercises in each topical area designed involve the students.

The curriculum was developed in a multi-stage process.  Initially, a ten-member task force was composed of criminal justice professionals who have extensive experience in working methamphetamine cases.  This task force worked with the MEDFELS team in identifying content material relevant to each of the five topical areas.  A second task force of elementary educators reviewed the proposed curriculum and suggested changes in the original draft and developed exercises to increase student involvement and interest. The MEDFELS team incorporated the changes and the exercises and later presented the revised curriculum to a joint meeting of both task forces for a third round of feedback.  The final product represents at least three drafts of the curriculum, over fifty years of methamphetamine enforcement, and comments and suggestions from some of Missouri’s most successful elementary teachers.

Guidance and financial support for this project came from the late Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan, Southeast Missouri State University President Dr. Ken Dobbins, Gary Kempker, Director – Missouri Department of Public Safety and LTC Kate Fulkerson, Drug Demand Reduction Coordinator for Midwest HIDTA.  We are deeply indebted to our task force members for devoting their valuable time, sharing their professional insight and for the cooperation and friendship shared in this project.  Task Force members are:  Mike Alford, Margaret Arteme, Barbara Blanchard, Teresa Bright-Pearson, Dr. Robert Briner, Larry Keena, Kevin Glazer, Mark Greer, Pam Jackson, Carlos Kerley, Jr., Martin Lingle, Sandy Mudd, Lorna Mueller, Susan Skelton, Peg Wolf and Kevin Zoellner.

We owe a very special thanks to the other members of the MEDFELS team: Joyce Becker, Michelle Kilburn, Milo Miller, and Colleen Harris. Their patience, innovation and collegiality have made this a rewarding experience.

Dr. John Wade

Project Director

Dr. Linda Keena

Project Director