Southeast Missouri State University

What is Meth?

Learn about why meth is an illegal and dangerous drug, the history of meth, and myths concerning meth.

Meth and Health

Here, you will discover materials used in meth production and their risk of improper usage, medical effects of meth, fire hazards, and threats to the environment.

Meth and the Law

Learn the laws pertaining to meth, why there are laws against drug use, why we need laws against meth, and punishments.

Prevention and Treatment

What you can do to prevent meth use, where to go to report incidents, gateway drugs, and what can be done after people are dependent on meth.

Costs of Meth

Meth has many costs--human, financial, environmental, etc.  Discover how the costs of meth affect more than just the user.


Common terms related to meth.