Southeast Missouri State University

A special thanks to the following individuals who served on the MEDFELS Task Force.  Their hard work and dedication were the backbone of this project.

  • Mike Alford
  • Margaret Arteme
  • Barbara Blanchard
  • Teresa Bright-Pearson
  • Dr. Robert Briner
  • Larry Ferrell
  • Kevin Glazer
  • Mark Greer
  • Pam Jackson
  • Carlos Kerley
  • Martin Lingle
  • Sandy Mudd
  • Lorna Mueller
  • Susan Skelton
  • Peg Wolf
  • Kevin Zoellner

We owe a very special thanks to the other members of the MEDFELS team:

  • Joyce Becker
  • Michelle Kilburn
  • Milo Miller
  • Colleen Harris

Their patience, innovation and collegiality have made this a rewarding experience.

Thanks again,

John Wade
Project Director

Linda Keena
Project Director