The Department of Telecommunications provides communication support services to University customers through telephone service, voice mail, fiber optic cabling, local area network cabling, cable TV cabling, pagers and cellular service. The University, through the Department of Telecommunications, owns and operates its own telephone switch and serves approximately 3,500 student, faculty and staff users. The Department of Telecommunications is located in the lower level of the General Service 1 Building and is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters. Summer hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, please call (573) 651-2575 or visit:

Long Distance Service

Students who subscribe and follow certain regulations can have long distance telephone service in their residence hall room. It is the responsibility of students living in each room to provide their own telephone. The student who signs the contract for long distance service agrees to be fully responsible for long distance charges and must pay for all telephone service charges that arise. You may view a contract or sign-up for long distance on the Telecommunications Web site.

Local Calls

Basic telephone service is included in room and board fees for Southeast students living on campus and there are no installation or monthly charges. All rooms in the residence halls have telephone jacks connected to the University telephone system, although students must supply their own telephone. Although any type or model of telephone will function in the residence hall rooms, a touch tone phone is required for authorization code use and voice mail retrieval.

When you arrive at the residence halls, you will have a dial tone and you will be able to place campus, local, collect and toll-free 800 and 888 calls. The area code for Cape Girardeau is 573 and the prefixes for the residence hall telephone numbers are 339 and 332. The prefixes for faculty and staff telephone numbers are 651, 290 and 986.

When receiving calls, you will hear a single ring for on-campus calls and a double ring for calls coming from off-campus locations. Voice mail also is provided to each room at no extra cost to the student.

International Calls

Discounts and charges for international calls are based on the country called. For information about the rates for different countries, please call the Telecommunications Office at (573) 651-2575. International operator-assisted calls are billed at full cost. When placing international calls, you may use the University long distance service or the carrier of your choice.

Voice Mail (Audix)

Voice mail is provided to every student living in the residence halls at no additional cost. This service already is activated when you arrive at the residence halls. This service provides basic answering machine capability for every phone number. Instructions for use are provided when you move in.

Main Features:

  • Audix login = dial 2660
  • Access Messages = Option #2
  • Create Personal Greeting = Option #3
  • Change Password = Option #5
  • Delete Messages = dial *D
  • New messages are automatically deleted every ten days
  • Old messages are automatically deleted every five days

Special Services

Six locations on campus offer telephone services for the deaf:

  • Campus Assistance Center  5927
  • Residence Life   2274
  • Telecommunications   5151
  • Towers Front Desk   2306
  • Towers South Hall Director  2308
  • University Police  2383

Special Services also are provided for students with speech impairments. A voiced user calling a hearing or speech impaired user should dial 1-800-735-2466. A hearing or speech impaired user calling a voiced user should dial 1-802-735-2966.

Internet Access

Southeast students may access the Internet in four ways. Students may go to any of the open labs on campus; Students in range of a RowdyNet WiFi hot spot may connect and login using their Southeast Key; those living in the residence halls may use an Ethernet cable plugged into a personal computer; or, off-campus students may use a modem in a personal computer. The open labs on campus are equipped with Microsoft Office XP and internet access while the Ethernet card and modem allow only internet access. If you wish to use a personal computer and either an Ethernet card or a modem connection, please check with Information Technology at (573) 651-2217 to obtain the necessary software and e-mail address.

Cable TV

Cable TV is available in all residence hall rooms, although you provide your own television. A complete list of channels is availabe online.


In the event of an emergency, you should dial 911 and your call will be routed to the Department of Public Safety (DPS), which is a Commissioned Police Agency. University DPS is open 24 hours per day.

Harassing or Threatening Calls

If you receive harassing or threatening telephone calls, please call the University Department of Public Safety by dialing 911. Telecommunications works very closely with the University Department of Public Safety in tracking down these types of calls.


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