ABET Accredited

Computer Science Core Courses - 37 Hours

ID Name Prerequisite Hrs.
CS155 Computer Science I MA134 = C 4
CS245 Discrete Structures I MA155 = C 3
CS265 Computer Science II MA155 = C 4
CS280 Computer Systems CS245 = C 3
CS300 Computer Science III CS265 = C 4
CS315 C and the UNIX Environment CS265 = C 3
CS331 Applications Programming CS300 = C 3
CS440 Database CS300 = C 3
CS445 Software Engineering I CS300 = C
CS315 = C
CS480 Data Communications CS315 = C
CS300 strongly recommended
CS495 Senior Seminar CL003 Co-requisite 3
CS003 Computer Science Assessment CS495 Co-requisite 0
UI 450 Capstone Experience   3

Required Courses - 12 Hours

ID Name Prerequisite Hrs.
CS 345 Discrete Structures II   3
CS 350 Analysis of Algorithms CS300 = C
CS345 = C
CS 380 Operating Systems CS280 = C
CS300 = C
CS315 = C
CS 390 Programming Languages CS300 = C 3

Elective Courses in Computer Science - 3 Hours

 ID  Name Prerequisite Hrs. 
CS 3xx or 4xx Computer Science Elective   3

Mathematics Core Courses - 15 Hours

ID Name Prerequisite Hrs.
MA 140 Analytical Geometry / Calculus I   5
MA 145 Analytical Geometry / Calculus II   4
MA 223 Probability and Statistics   3
MA 345 Linear Algebra   3

Required Cognate Discipline Support - 12 Hours

There is a 12-science requirement, which must include a two-semester laboratory science sequence from among the following:
ID Name Prerequisite Hrs.
BI151 Biological Reasoning   3
BI152 Intro. to Scientific Investigation   1
BI153 Qualitative Analysis   4


CH185 General Chemistry I   5
CH186 General Chemistry II   3
CH187 Qualitative Analysis   2


PH120 Introductory Physics I   5
PH121 Introductory Physics II   5


PH230 General Physics I   5
PH231 General Physics II   5
For the remainder of the 12-hour requirement, the student must take science course(s) suitable to science majors, from among Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences, Physics or Engineering Physics.
Free Electives - 3 Hours
University Studies - 42 Hours
Total Hours for B.S. in Computer Science 124

The initial two-semester lab science sequence is 4 hours each for Biology and 5 hours each for Chemistry and Physics. The remaining science elective must have enough credits to total 12 hours to satisfy the science requirement for the degree.

Suggested B.S. in Computer Science 4-Year Sequence


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