Computer Science Club

Computer Science Club


President - Andrew Crutcher - Computer Science/Applied Mathematics
Vice President - Faizel Khan - Computer Science
Treasurer - Greg Hapgood - Computer Science
Secretary - Chandrashekhar Singh - Computer Science
Webmaster - Andrew Smith - Computer Science

Computer Science Club is a student organization intended to help grow the interest of Computer Science in students from any major and help students learn more about Computer Science outside of the classroom. Our topics vary from theoretical Computer Science and Mathematics to concrete applications. We also typically host two hackathons a semester in the CS Lab (DH023) to help gather students together to work on interesting projects over the weekend.

We typically meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month in DH024 at 6:00PM. We do not require any payment to be a member. All one has to do to join is to attend meetings.


Fall 2017

  • August 30th – Introduction into CS Club by CS Club officers – talked to students about CS Club and what we do as an organization
  • September 13th – Debuggers by Andrew Smith – presentation about debugging and how to use built-in debugging tools in Visual Studio
  • September 27th – Research in Computer Science by Andrew Crutcher – presentation about research conducted in Computer Science, specifically research conducted over at the Mizzou REU over the summer
  • September 30th – Computer Science Club Hackathon – one of two hackathons put on by Computer Science Club each semester
  • October 11th – Steganography: Hiding in Plain Sight by Stephen Sladek – An introduction into Steganography
  • October 25th – Catapult Presentation – Catapult talking about ways for CS students to get involved at Catapult
  • November 8th – Cryptography I – Introduction into basic cryptography by Andrew Crutcher
  • November 29th – Cryptography II – Walkthrough and explanation of cracking Vigenère cipher by Andrew Crutcher
  • December 2nd – (Current Estimate) Computer Science Club Hackathon – the second of two hackathons put on by Computer Science Club each semester.


Dempster Hall 021A

Department of Computer Science
One University Plaza, MS 5950
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701