Southeast Missouri State University

We Stand Resolved

John Casebolt

“We stand resolved.”

These were the opening words of Tuesday night’s speed debates at CSIS. The debates were hosted by AILA with participants from CSIS, The Heritage Foundation, and The Center for American Progress. This was my first debate competition and only the third time I have formally debated. As an intern at CSIS, I have had the privilege of participating in the AILA debate clinics. The clinics were led by Col. Bill Taylor and Chris Jones (both of whom served as judges for our practice debates).

AILA has been conducting debate training since 2003 and hosting the speed debate tournament since 2006. This year twenty-four interns participated with four representing the Heritage Foundation, two representing CAP and the remaining eighteen from CSIS. The teams were two-on-two with no pre-planning. We had to think on our toes. Participants were given a foreign policy topic and had only one minute to prep. Daniel Brady of CSIS and I won two out of three rounds and were quite pleased with our results. In the end, the CSIS team of  Ivan Butina and  Cheng Gao were declared the overall winners.

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