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The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success is dedicated to building and maintaining a rich learning environment supporting the academic and personal success of all students at Southeast Missouri State University. (See Enrollment Management and Student Success Website

Vision in Service to University Priorities 

Southeast Missouri State University aims to be the University of First Choice. Priority I of the Unversity's Strategic Plan is particularly relevant to the vision, goals, and functions of the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success. In the words of Priority I,

"The University must provide to its students a supportive, student-centered environment that challenges them, treats them with dignity, and helps them grow and succeed."

The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success is committed to helping create an environment which is student-centered, respectful of student dignity, and contributes to their academic and personal success. 


The mission of the Academic Support Centers (ASC) is to enhance the academic achievement and educational attainment of all students. Academic Support Centers include programs/services for underrepresented populations (first generation, low-income, students with disabilities or U.S. ethnic minority students) and academically at-risk students. The programs span the educational scope from undergraduate to graduate and professional programs.

Community Service Information

Community Service as defined by Academic Support Centers is a volunteer service performed outside of the traditional classroom setting that fosters civic responsibility and benefits community. This service is non-paid, non-graded, and non-punitive.

If as an ASC recipent you are required to complete the Community Services initiative, we ask that you please review the following forms for additional information about the Community Service guidelines and rules.

Please Review the Following Forms

ASC Community Service Form

ASC Community Service Guidelines

Academic Support Center Programs

Educational Access Programs

Assuring equal access and opportunity for all students

"Achieving Success"

The programs offered through the Educational Access Programs provide leadership in administration of academic intervention, mentoring and financial aid programs for U.S. ethnic minorities.

Learning Assistance Programs

Assisting students in identifying and overcoming barriers to success

"Creating Independence"

The programs offered through the Learning Assistance Programs enhance both academic and personal enrichment skills through a holistic approach. The office provides direct services and resources through in-person and online programming for students to assist in the development of critical thinking skills, and to support their educational goals and attainment.

McNair Scholars Program

Preparing academically promising students for graduate studies

"Promoting Mentoring"

The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program seeks to increase the number of low-income, first generation and underrepresented college students who pursue and complete doctoral degrees.

Student Support Services

Overcoming obstacles so promising students can earn a college education

"Providing Encouragement"

The services provided by TRIO/Student Support Services assists a targeted population of Southeast students in completing post-secondary education. We provide academic services and a supportive environment to increase persistence and graduation rates of eligible students and to foster an institutional climate that encourages their success.

The departments within the Academic Support Centers provide direct intervention with students, as well as consultation with faculty and staff colleagues that promote their intellectual, personal and social development. The primary goals of Academic Support Centers is to help students acquire the skills necessary to act responsibly and persist in their academic pursuits on campus. The centers strive to create an environment that offers assistance, guidance and challenging educational experiences to students throughout their collegiate career and beyond.