City Scooter Ordinance

On Monday, November 5, 2012 The City of Cape Girardeau adopted a new ordinance regarding the operation of motorized bicycles which covers protective headgear and the manner of operation of motorized bicycles upon the street s of the City.  This ordinance will also be adopted by Southeast Missouri State University as it pertains to the operation of motorized bicycles on campus property.

The Department of Public Safety is offering this information so that you may be informed about and prepared for the results of the new ordinance when it becomes effective, and in full force, on Friday, November 16, 2012.

Section 26-346 requires that:

  • Every person operating, or riding as a passenger on any motorcycle or motorized bicycle, anywhere within the city limits shall wear protective headgear at all times that the vehicle is in motion.  The headgear shall meet the standards and specifications established by the Director of the Missouri Department of Public Safety. 
  • The maximum penalty for a violation of the provisions of this section is $25.00.

Section 26-392 requires that:

  • No person shall operate a motorized bicycle on any highway or street in the City of Cape Girardeau unless he has a valid operator’s or chauffer’s license.
  • No motorized bicycle may be operated on any highway, street, roadway, or public thoroughfare within the City of Cape Girardeau which has aspeed limit greater than 35 miles an hour.
  • A person operating a motorized bicycle may ride only on the permanent and regular seat attached.  No operators shall carry any other person on a motorized bicycle nor shall any other person ride on a motorized bicycle anywhere with City of Cape Girardeau.
  • It shall be unlawful for any person to ride, operate or manage any motorcycle or motorized bicycle other than in a seated position, with one leg on either side of the vehicle.  The provisions of this article shall not apply to vehicle with three or more wheels. 
  • No person shall ride a motorcycle or motorized bicycle on any street without having his hands upon the handle bars, nor shall any person ride a motorcycle or motorized bicycle upon any sidewalk, walkway or footpath within the City of Cape Girardeau. 

Section 26.398 requires that:

  • Financial responsibility is maintained.
  • Insurance Identification card is carried and provided to police when asked.

  Protective headgear can be purchased at:

  • Campus Scooters, 817 Broadway, 573-334-3888
  • Ford’s Custom Bikes, 2109 Boulder Crest, 573-334-9768
  • Grassroots BMW, 28 S. Spanish, 573-334-7223
  • Minor’s Harley-Davidson 2100 E. Outer Rd, 573-334-7716
  • Sappington Pro Outdoor, 4536 E. Jackson Blvd.,  573-243-1975
  • Semo Motorsports, 202 W. Deerwood Dr., 573-243-9962
  • Wal Mart Super Center, 3429 William St., 573-335-4600

Printable flyer with an overview of the new ordinance