Reporting Campus Emergencies & Crimes

From a University Extension

To contact University Police, Fire, or Ambulance, dial 911.

From a Cell Phone

Because cell phones will not always connect to the closest 911 call center, please program the University Police 24-hour Emergency Number into your cell phone: 573-651-2911. Call this number to report a campus emergency or crime from your cell phone to ensure the quickest response.

Communicating Emergency Information

The University utilizes a multi-layered toolbox for providing emergency information to faculty, staff, and student populations.

The current program utilizes:

  • An outdoor warning system
  • Emergency text messages to cell phones enrolled in the opt-in service.
  • Safety at Southeast: posting emergency info on the University's website
  • An emergency alert message within the student portal
  • An "Urgent Alert" network messaging system on all campus network machines to deliver almost instantaneous critical messages.
  • A Newswire to faculty and staff
  • Audix messaging system for land-line telephones
  • A secondary emergency webpage is available if the University's internet fiber lines are out of operation
    • This allows the University to post emergency messages for faculty, staff, and students
  • Other notification processes:
    • Inclement weather-closings on local on-air television, radio stations, and webpages
    • Placement of an indoor siren/speaker system for immediate notification of emergency situations in student residence halls.
    • Purchase and placement of land-line emergency telephones on each floor of every academic building on campus. In case of any emergency, faculty, staff or students can use the phones as a direct link to the University's Department of Public Safety and posted evacuation routes.
    • Use of Facebook and Twitter for information sharing during an emergency