Abandoned/Disabled Vehicles

Any motor vehicle in a condition that precludes its use on any public street or highway, left parked in the same location for more than 72 hours.


Any individual employed by the University other than those classified as student employees.


To put or leave a vehicle for a time in a certain location, with or without the occupancy of the driver.

Parking Area

Any place or area set aside, marked, posted, or intended for parking.

Parking Permit

That object which identifies a motor vehicle as one that is authorized for parking on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University.

  • Hangtag - A parking permit that is moveable from one motor vehicle to another, displayed from the vehicle’s inside rear view mirror.
  • Decal - A parking permit that is permanently affixed to the left lower driver’s side rear window on the outside of a motor vehicle.


The recording of a motor vehicle with Southeast Missouri State University Parking Services for a parking permit that authorizes a motor vehicle for parking on the campus.


Those persons pursuing ANY course of study at Southeast Missouri State University, other than those persons classified as University Employees.

Part-Time Student

Any University student enrolled in less than 12 hours of course work, regardless if classes are taken during the day or at night.


Any person that is not an employee or student of the University.

Auto Boot

A device, for parking enforcement purposes, placed on the vehicle wheel to prevent movement of the vehicle.