Southeast Missouri State University

Although students, faculty, staff and visitors to our campus who use good judgment rarely experience a safety issue on campus, Southeast does provide several programs to ensure safety.

  • Campus watch line (573) 651-2595 is provided for anyone who may wish to report crime or suspicious activity anonymously or provide confidential information about crime.
  • Lighted corridor and emergency call boxes run from the southern-most section of campus to the Show Me Center. There are 57 Emergency Call Boxes along the lighted corridor and located at other locations around campus. Anyone with an emergency may utilize the call boxes by pressing the red "HELP" button on the call box. The call is automatically sent to the Department of Public Safety dispatcher via the 911 emergency phone system. A uniformed police officer will be dispatched to the activated phone. The caller can also communicate the nature of the emergency to the dispatcher while the responding police unit is en route.
  • Closed Circuit Television - the University Police Department utilizes a state-of-the-art closed circuit color camera system to enhance the safety of the entire University community. Cameras are located at multiple sites around campus.  Both fixed and pan/tilt/zoom cameras are used to provide as much coverage as possible. The cameras allow multiple indoor and outdoor locations to be viewed and recorded simultaneously. All cameras are recorded 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This recording capability allows the department to review tapes after the fact to detect and identify problems or crimes on campus. The camera system is an important tool used by the department to help increase the safety of all members of the University community and their property.
  • Outdoor emergency siren system is designed to provide an alert to severe weather and other impending danger. The National Weather Service and/or storm spotters and local emergency management agencies initiate all weather siren alerts. The siren system can also be used for other types of emergencies. When warranted, the sirens will sound and will be followed by a live public address message advising the campus community of impending danger or an emergency. 
  • Information Technology department has a procedure in place to update students, faculty, and staff electronic mailing lists on a daily basis and has refined our "student locator" program that permits identifying where students are on the campus at any given time of day.
  • Evacuation routes have been established for each campus building and are posted just inside the door of each building.  A designated building coordinator is responsible for implementing emergency evacuation plans, with which everyone should become familiar.
  • Security Escorts are available during the evening hours of regular academic semesters (8 p.m. to midnight) by calling Public Safety at (573) 651-2215.
  • University shuttle service is available for transportation from classes, academic programs and activities to campus residences and parking lots.  It operates seven days a week during the academic year.
  • Crime Prevention Presentations and Programs – Department of Public Safety officers provide crime prevention presentations and programs on subjects relating to crime reporting, crime prevention and public safety to the University community and surrounding area. The department makes available presentations and brochures on several crime prevention programs.
  • An Emergency Quick Reference is distributed to the campus community at the beginning of each academic year.  All members of the campus are urged to read through the reference and to review it on a regular basis.
  • Indoor Emergency Announcement System is in the implementation process across the campus.  This system will allow emergency communications to be made inside all campus buildings. The implementation process has several phases for installation over a period of several years.  The first goal will be to implement the system in the residence halls.