With the increasing amount of crime that occurs each year, another problem that has increased for the millions of property owners is how to protect their property. The act of vandalism and property damage is usually the result of anger, frustration, hostility, bitterness, emotional pain, failure, and the need for attention.

School vandalism makes up the largest percent of vandalism. Vandals will destroy school bus seats to the tune of $3 million per year. School vandalism outranks all other assaults on private and public property. At the end of a recent school year, the average cost of damages from vandalism was estimated at over $100,000.

Private property vandalism also results in millions of dollars in damages. For the lucky ones who have insurance, the actual cost to them will be less, but eventually they will pay higher costs for insurance. Vandalism in the private sector occurs for many of the same reasons as the public sector.

What You Can Do

  1. Repair damage immediately. Quick repair keeps perpetrators from admiring their handiwork and duplicating it someplace else.
  2. Ask police for extra patrol. This will act as a deterrent to the vandal.
  3. Report all incidents.
  4. Prosecution/restitution. Be prepared to prosecute the perpetrators including asking for restitution.
  5. Lighting. Insure that all areas are well lit.
  6. Limit ground-to-roof access. Eliminate overhanging roofs and avoid unnecessary exterior fixtures.
  7. Get your class or club to start an anti-vandalism campaign.

Remember: crime prevention starts with you. Report all acts of vandalism and property damage to the police. Before the police can assist you and take action, they must be aware of the incident.