Entering Final Grades in the Portal / Self-Service
  • Sign into the My Southeast portal at:  http://portal.semo.edu/
  • Sign in using SE Key
    • If your Southeast Key is not activated, please click on the link "SE Key Activation"
    • In the pop up window, enter your Southeast ID, S0xxxxxxxx and PIN.  Your PIN is the day and year of your birth. For example, if your birthday is March 10, 1980, your PIN is 1080. 
    • Click the "sign in" button
    • Enter the password information
    • Click "Activate SE Key"
  • Choose "Faculty" tab - if no faculty tab exists, please notify us
  • Choose "Click here to open My Southeast Self-Service" (lower right corner of page)
  • Choose "Click on this link to access your self-service page..." (top middle of page)
  • Choose "Faculty" option
  • From Faculty Services menu, to enter final grades, choose "Grades (Submit Final Grades)"
    • Choose Term and submit
      • Full year courses will be coded as Fall 2010
      • Full year course grades are to be entered at the end of the spring semester
    • Choose Course / Course title and submit
    • Grade roster will reflect students in alphabetical order with Southeast ID
      • Use drop-down box to choose appropriate grade for each student
      • For courses with more than 25 students in a section, to retrieve the next set of students, go to top of roster and choose next "record set" and continue entering grades.  Note:  Do not enter "Last Date Attended: or "Attended Hours"
      • When finished entering grades, click "Submit" at the bottom of that page.  "The changes you made were saved successfully" appears at the top of the roster if grades were appropriately recorded.
      • You may make changes to your grade entries up to the time when the grades are posted to student records. After that, to correct a grade, you must submit a grade change card to the Registrar's Office
      • If you review grades at a later time and make no changes but "Submit", the following message will appear at the top of the roster:  "You have made no changes to the final grades.  No changes were made to the database."

Contact Information:
Sandy Hinkle, Registrar     (573) 651-2474