Reviewing Class Rosters in the Portal / Self-Service

  1. Sign into the portal at:
  2. Sign in using SE Key
  3. Choose "Faculty Tab" - if no faculty tab exists, contact our office at (573) 986-6179
  4. Choose "Click here to open My Southeast Self-Service" (lower right corner of page)
  5. Choose "Click on this link to access your self-service page..." (top middle of page)
  6. Choose "Faculty" option
  7. From Faculty Services menu, to review official class roster, choose "Class Roster (Summary)"
    • Choose Term and submit
      • Full year courses will be coded as Fall 2010
    • Choose Course / Course title and submit
    • Class roster will reflect students in alphabetical order with Southeast ID
      • From this option you can review class roster and enter final grades
      • You can also enter final grades by choosing the "Grades (Submit Final Grades)" option on the Faculty Services menu. See instructions for entering final grades.
    • Review your offical class roster often throughout the semester to verify that information is correct and all students who should be enrolled in your course are actually enrolled.
    • Print roster, sign, and mail or fax it to the Dual Credit Office.
Contact Information:
Sandy Hinkle, Registrar 573-651-2474