Fall 2013 through Summer 2014 Fees

Processing Fee

Students who register for the first time in fall 2013, spring or summer 2014 pay a $30 admission processing fee that must be included in the student’s initial fee payment. Students who have previously enrolled for dual credit, dual enrollment, or who have applied for admission to Southeast next year, already will have paid this fee.

Fee Rates

The Dual Credit incidental fee rate is $85.00 per semester hour. A three-hour course $255.00; a five-hour course $425.00

Web Course Fee

The Dual Credit rate for Web courses is $85.00 per semester hour.

Textbooks fees

Textbook rental per course will be a fee of approximately $26.00.

Installment Payment Plan Option

There is an installment payment plan available to all students. The Installment Payment Plan Form (IPP) can be found at http://www.semo.edu/dualcredit/forms.htm
New updated forms will be added soon.