Southeast Missouri State University

Purpose and Philosophy

The purpose of this program is to assist the University in maintaining a consistent minority enrollment with a focus on quality and quantity. Minority Mentor Programs' goal is to assist in the recruitment of students who seek employment and who have excelled both academically and through community involvement.

Selection and Matching of Students with Departments

The eligibility criteria for Mentee selection is designed to screen prospective applicants and provide students who demonstrate academic potential and active school involvement an opportunity to earn, via workshop and mentoring relationship, a foundation for college success. The criterion is a 2.75 GPA  or higher on a 4.0 GPA scale including successful academic performance in high school and/or college while exemplifying extra co-curricular activities and community involvement. In order to provide the student with a holistic educational experience, participating students are required to live on campus. Students who are not eligible for other types of scholarships are given additional consideration. Currently the mentees are given yearly assignments.

Each department will exercise appropriate judgment regarding employment and guidance of their students; however, there are specific Mentee needs associated with the placement. The goal of the program is the retention of these students, as such, the program is relying on the department Mentors for front-line assistance and monitoring.

MMP Mentor Forms
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