The ECCTRE will promote academic excellence through learning opportunities in high-quality early childhood programs as University students prepare for professional careers and pursue graduate studies. ECCTRE will identify alternative funding sources to support its mission and to initiate innovative programs and services.


  1. Facilitate the delivery of quality early care and education programs consistent with NAEYC accreditation standards.
  2. Develop and implement policies, standards and practices of the three centers that are consistent yet reflect the unique qualities of each program.
  3. Insure continuity, consistency and coordination across the Centers.
  4. Provide coordination with child development and early childhood education faculty and programs.
  5. Be a catalyst for the development of visionary and innovative practices in the fields of ECE and Child Development.
  6. Develop, establish and monitor the long term goals/plans for the Centers.
  7. Develop a viable, distinguished, on-going research agenda.
  8. Develop strong, systemic strategies to support professional development.


Early Childhood Centers
One University Plaza, MS 5750
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701