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Southeast Missouri State University

College of Education - General Information

Advising Center

The Advising Center is available to answer your questions about a major in education and the requirements for admission to the teacher education program.

Alternative Certification

Southeast's Alternative Certification Program helps support districts hiring new teachers, assists the districts and the teachers to complete the teacher education course work required for permanent certification in Missouri, assists the districts to obtain the best appropriate interim certification for the new teacher and, in some cases, advises students on how to complete the subject area course work to meet minimum certification standards.  

Certification & Assessment

Admission to Teacher Education Programs (TEP) and Certification requirements are provided. Important dates and frequently asked questions (FAQ) are listed.

College of Education Newsletters
View a selection of departmental newsletters in Adobe PDF format.

Clinical Experiences (Student Teaching)

Student teaching at Southeast is based upon the Missouri Standards for Professional Educators (MoSPE). Student teaching is the capstone of our teacher training program. For elementary certification, students teach approximately fourteen weeks in two different districts, in one upper and one lower grade level. Secondary students are placed in two diverse settings in their major content area.

there are a number of approved forms that are used by faculty, staff and students in the college.

Instructional Resources & Technology Center

Designed to develop and maintain a state-of-the-art, educational technology and resource facility for the College of Education students, faculty, staff and area teachers.

International Programs

The College of Education's International Programs include the following initiatives: exchange programs with Belfast, Northern Ireland, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Leon, Spain and Swansea, Wales; visiting scholars program; student teaching opportunities in 35 countries; and areas of concentration in TESOL and Comparative and International Education.

Missouri Assessment Program

The goals of the Southeast MAP Center are to raise achievement levels for all Southeast Missouri students and to make learning interesting and challenging for every student within our service area. Activities of the MAP Center include training teachers to use research-based instructional practices, the development of quality curriculum and performance-based assessments. The regional facilitator assists senior leaders with district training as needed, conducts inservices for preservice and graduate classes at Southeast Missouri State University, provides training for MAP testing administrators and provides professional development in-service training as directed by DESE.

Missouri Statewide Early Literacy Intervention Program (MSELIP)

is a well-researched, successful program that teaches Reading Recovery professionals and Early Literacy educators from all areas of Missouri how to improve teaching and learning for young students in grades K-3 who are at risk of reading failure. MSELIP has served more than 60,000 students over the last six years and is coordinated through Southeast Missouri State University. For more information about this program, contact Dr. Margaret A. Noe at (573) 651-2408 or Ms. Dana Baer.

Southeast Missouri Regional Professional Development Center

The Southeast Regional Professional Development Center promotes and supports professional development for educators in 80+ school districts throughout the southeast Missouri region.The Southeast RPDC links curriculum and instruction with authentic performance-based assessment while integrating technology in the classroom. The goal of the Southeast RPDC is to assist teachers in improving student achievement. We provide educational opportunities for teachers of all grade levels and instructional areas by developing and delivering effective professional development opportunities.

The Teacher Work Sample: MoSTEP Indicators and Scoring Guide

Reflects the alignment between the 11 MoSTEP standards and the eight elements of the Teacher Work Sample(TWS). An additional element was added to the TWS to more precisely measure student competency in classroom management. Students now will be responsible for one evaluation document. This will be an evaluation piece that demonstrates directly their ability to impact the achievement of students in their classrooms.

Student Guidelines for the Construction of the TWS

The Renaissance Group

is a national consortium of colleges and universities with a major commitment to the preparation of educational professionals, and to the promotion of exemplary practices, partnerships and leadership that ensure high levels of teaching and learning for all of America's schools.

The Transitioning Academy
is an initiative offered through the College of Education which provides students with disabilities who will be attending Southeast Missouri State University in the Fall the opportunity to get a taste of the college experience before fall classes begin. Click here for more information.
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