EdD in Educational Leadership

Program Description:

The program is a cooperative partnership program between Southeast Missouri State University and the University of Missouri. All syllabi are created as a collaboration of the instructional team (instructors from all sites). Students enroll in 4 hours of credit at SEMO in the Fall and Spring semesters (total of 16 hrs). The remainder of the hours are at MU.

Admission Requirements:

Students are admitted through the University of Missouri and SEMO accepts the admission. All candidates must hold a Master’s degree, take the GRE, have 3 letters of recommendation, and successfully complete the paper screening and the face to face screening interview. Various rubrics and the coordinating committee input result in acceptance or rejection to the program.

The course structure of the program is as follows:

Summer I Semester (7 hours) All classes are at the University of Missouri
  • Organizational Analysis for Educational Leadership (4 hours)
  • Educational Leadership Inquiry I: Change, Diversity, and Ethics (2 hours)
  • Team Building and Group Dynamics (1 hr)
Fall I Semester (5 hours)
  • Leadership Theory and Practice (3 hrs) SEMO (EA-900)
  • Leadership Theory and Practice Application: Leaders and Data (1 hr) SEMO (EA 905)
  • Professional Seminar I: Research Design (1 hr) MU
Spring I Semester (5 hours)
  • Qualitative Methods in Educational Research (3 hrs) SEMO (EA _____)
  • Educational Leadership Inquiry II (1 hr): Research Ethics and IRB SEMO (EA 905)
  • Professional Seminar I: Research Design (1 hr) MU
Summer II Semester (7 hours) All classes are at the University of Missouri
  • Policy Analysis for Educational Leadership (4 hrs)
  • Quantitative Methods in Educational Research (3 hours)
Fall II Semester (5 hours)
  • Educational Planning and Evaluation (3 hrs) SEMO (EA 915)
  • Educational Leadership Inquiry III: Data Reporting (1 hr) SEMO (EA 905)
  • Professional Seminal II: Advanced Research Design – Lit Reviews (1 hr)
Spring II Semester (5 hours)
  • Content and Context of Learning (3 hrs) SEMO (EA 910)
  • Educational Leadership Inquiry IV: Data Driven Decision Making (1 hr) SEMO (EA 905)
  • Professional Seminar II: Advanced Research Design—Prospectus Development (1 hr)

The 2 year program is a cohort program which is followed by both written and oral comprehensive exams and the completion of a dissertation. Faculty are responsible for advising the students through the completion of the dissertation which may take up to 5 years. Most program completers will finish the dissertation in about 2.5 years.


Scully Building 301
College of Education
One University Plaza, MS 5500
Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701